Director Tonet Jadaone Shares How Was It Working With JoshLia tandem

  • Tonet Jadaone shares work experience with JoshLia
  • Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto complement each other

In the recent DigiCon of Star Cinema‘s upcoming film Love You To The Stars and Back where the blockbuster hugot director Antoinette “Tonet” Jadaone attended, she finally revealed how it was working with the promising #JoshLia tandem of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

tonet jadaone shares experience with joshlia

JoshLia Offcam

A massive 7 millions views  of LYSB {movie trailer} after it was posted online, we are safe to say that this is going to be another hit and one for the books of super ‘kilig-filled’ movie. Even though a major plot twist was already seen in the teaser, direk Tonet says, there’s more than meets the eye that viewers should look forward to.

tonet jadaone shares experience with joshlia

When asked how the power duo JoshLia was on set, Tonet Jadaone briefly said:

“Si Joshua ay take-one actor. He gets it on his first take. Si Julia, she gets better with every take. Her Take Two is always better than her Take One.”

But how are the two when working together?

“Feeling ko sobrang nagco-complement sila.” she said. “As actors, they help each other out. Habang nasa set, mino-motivate nila yung isa’t isa. They’re each other’s acting coaches,” Jadaone continued.

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