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Petition: These Two Girls Set Fireworks in Dog’s Mouth, And They Got Away With It

 Girls Set Fireworks in Dog's Mouth
These two girls are responsible for the pain a dog suffered from

petition has been creating a buzz online after two teenage girls allegedly set a dog’s mouth on fireworks! Surprisingly, they got away with it and took not even a single punishment.

 Girls Set Fireworks in Dog's Mouth
As a result of their playfulness and cruelty, this dog, Dardo’s mouth exploded from the fire crackers

Student of ‘Arts’

 Girls Set Fireworks in Dog's Mouth
“The girls, who study art, were left off the hook because they were underage, it was their first offense and the dog survived the attack.”

The petition has an objective to enforce tougher animal protection laws in Argentina, and to ensure that ‘true and meaningful justice is served’. It is also about a couple of teenage girls that caused a dog terrible pain. The two were currently enrolled in Centro Polivalente de Arte taking up ‘Arts’.

 Girls Set Fireworks in Dog's Mouth
Passers-by noticed the incident and called for help

The youngsters lured the poor dog, later named Dardo, with what seemed to be food. Without the poor animal knowing, it was actually a firework. The next scene was his jaw shattered as the crackers exploded. The helpless dog was left filled with blood in the middle of the street.

Fortunately, passers-by noticed the incident and called for help. Since then, he had been recovering and is now well-taken care of by its adopted parents.

Call for Help!

 Girls Set Fireworks in Dog's Mouth
What happened to Dardo needs justice!

Despite the huge media coverage of the incident, and numerous outraged citizens demanded justice, the two girls that are responsible for the heartless attack got away with their crime easily. They were underage, and it was their first offense.

Same cases about animal abuse happened after this incident. Why? Because not enough laws are enforced in Argentina. The only law that is about animal protection in the country is that ‘harming an animal in any way is an offense punishable by imprisonment between 15 days and one year’.

According to the one who created the petition, Whelda Milton, “This petition is not only about the dog in the photo, viciously attacked with fireworks by the girls pictured on the left. It is about all the pets that have been severely mistreated all across Argentina and have not received the justice they deserved. They need a voice right now!”

Soon enough, harming animals in Argentina will be put to a halt! You can join Milton’s campaign here.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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