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Instagram Stories Now Beats Its ‘Original Version’, Snapchat

“A Snapchat clone that’s bigger than Snapchat”

Instagram Stories Beats Snapchat
With the release of the new statistics, Instagram clearly outslayed Snapchat | Photo from Immediate Future

It was August of 2016 when the social media giant, Instagram, introduced us to their latest feature, Instagram Stories. Admit it or not, they cloned it directly from Snapchat, while it’s at its peak.

Instagram Stories Beats Snapchat
August, 2016 when Instagram introduced Instagram Stories to the world | Photo via Instagram

As we speak, the ‘clone’ has more than 200 million users a day! Imagine? 200 million instagram accounts use this feature every day! May it be an update to where they are or a rant on how they feel, they still topped Snapchat with 160 million users daily.

Beyond achieving this milestone, Instagram is set to release a few new features in the coming weeks or months. The update involves a new selfie sticker option that lets you turn one of your self-portraits into a sticker. You also now have the capability to pin emojis on your daily stories.

Instagram Stories Beats Snapchat
Instagram Stories was instantly loved by many | Photo from Coxblue

Instagram x Geostickers

Instagram Stories Beats Snapchat
Again, geostickers appeared first on Snapchat | Photo via Instagram

Alongside these cool updates, it was reported that they will be releasing geostickers. Again, these ideas are copied from Snapchat.

Nonetheless, users don’t care what app did it first, they care about how can they communicate with their friends. It just so happened that we loved Instagram first before Snapchat, and people see it more convenient than the other.

Instagram be like:

Instagram Stories Beats Snapchat

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