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OMG! Canadian Study Reveals The Amount of Urine In A Swimming Pool

A Canadian study reveals the urine levels in swimming pools, and the results are high!

According to an article published on March 1, researchers at the University of Alberta in Calgary, Canada developed a test to measure the amount of urine in 31 pools and hot tubs in 2 Canadian cities.

They took more than 250 samples for their experiment.

study reveals urine levels in swimming pools
Canadian Study Reveals the amount of urine in swimming pools

The Revelation

The researchers found out that in one 830,000-liter pool, about one-third of an Olympic-sized pool, have 75 liters of urine. On the other hand, smaller pools hand 30 liters.

Another article published in the journal, Environmental Science and Technology Letters said that humans introduce “variety of chemicals” into swimming pools through bodily fluids.

Despite the fact the urine itself is sterile, but when excreted in swimming pools, it creates a public health concern. Swimmers’ health will be in jeopardy when mixed with pool chemicals.

study reveals urine levels in swimming pools
Enjoying Swimming Pools?

According to the provincial ministry’s spokesman, Tim Kulak, “Under the Public Health Act, the ministry has a regulation that provides standards. Pools that don’t meet the standards may be closed for remediation.”

The researchers also measured for the substance acesulfame-K (ACE). It is an artificial sweetener that passes through the body completely and is “an ideal urinary marker”.

study reveals urine levels in swimming pools

The results are disappointing, the amount of ACE in pools and tubs, 570-fold, are greater than in normal tap water. The study involved ACE concentration of the two pools over three weeks to estimate their level of urine content.

Written by Denis Santos

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