Women get “O-shot” to achieve more orgasms

Ladies, if you’re having trouble reaching climax, there’s a new solution that could help improve your sex lives.

‘O-shot”, an injection being offered by Dr. Sharif Wakil  at his clinic in Harley Street, London, promises to help you get more orgasms and better bedroom performance.


Dr. Wakil, who claims to have administered the jab to 2,000 women across the world, explained that O-shot is injected into specific parts of the vagina to trigger increased blood flow and growth of healthy tissue.

This treatment is often sought by lady patients who want to regain their orgasms as well as those suffering from sexual arousal disorder. It is also being used by patients having difficulty lubricating as it helps to provide  more natural lubrication.

According to Dr. Walki, our lady parts go through a lot of changes through life such as hormonal changes, delivery, ageing and menopause. Seeing this need, Dr. Wakil decided to develop the injection by using blood from the patient’s own arm and transferring them into a container that yields high quality plasma.

Although the results vary, Dr. Walki revealed that many of his patients are now capable of experiencing orgasm through penetrative sex. He also stressed that the injection doesn’t guarantee unlimited orgasm.

“The results in general of the “O-shot” varies, I always explain to my patients, it depends on where we are at the starting point, for example, their age, if they have medical conditions or whether they have hormonal problems,” Dr. Walki explained.

A study carried out by researchers at Yale University has found that women experience orgasm as our female ancestors only released an egg after being stimulated by male just before or during sex. The same phenomenon is observed among other species of mammals like ferrets, cats, camels, and rabbits.

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