Woman takes on Facebook ‘love your spouse’ challenge—with another woman’s husband

“Please make sure na TOTOONG ASAWA ka bago ka mag post niyan.” (Please make sure you’re the legal wife before you post that.)

Last June 26, Facebook user Gel Sandoval posted a Day 1 picture of the Love Your Spouse Challenge, a craze currently doing the rounds on social media. But the picture wasn’t hers. It was posted, apparently, by her husband’s “other woman.”

As uploaded by Gel Sandoval on Facebook.
As uploaded by Gel Sandoval on Facebook.

Hoy babaeng pugita! May dalawang anak ka na! Dapat alam mo kung gaano kahirap magpalaki ng bata!” (Hey, octopus lady! You have two kids, so you should know how hard it is to raise them!) Sandoval ranted. “Pakisabi dyan sa ASAWA KO na magbigay ng suporta sa ANAK NAMIN… Sayong sayo na yang hayop na yan pero wag na wag niyang kakalimutan ang responsibilidad niya sa ANAK NAMIN!” (Please tell my husband to give child support. You can have that scumbag, but he shouldn’t ever neglect his responsibilities to our child!)

Friends of Sandoval applauded the post and replied with words of encouragement and support. “Go go gurl,” said Jopay Timbang, “strong proof evidence n yan… s court n dinadala yan pra may paglagyan.” (This is strong evidence that should be brought to court.)

Sinama pa si god,” (They even put God into the picture.) exclaimed Mariam Antonio. “Dumadami may higad ngaun. Ang kakati nila!” (It seems like we have a hairy caterpillar infestation, with how all these people are scratching their itch!)

As of this writing, the post had been shared over 4,000 times and it seems Sandoval’s ex-husband is planning to take her to court for the seemingly damaging post. “Kasama daw po kayong lahat na nag comment at nag share nito sa demanda!” (They said everyone who commented on and shared this post will be taken to court.) announced Sandoval in one of the replies. “Sustento nga sa bata wala siyang maibigay eh, magde demanda pa siya ng 600+ na tao?” (But if he can’t even send financial support to my child, how can he afford to bring up charges against 600+ people?)

She further added that “Now nagagalit sila dahil nagva viral yung post. Eh proud naman silang dalawa na ipakita sa mundo yung relationship nila diba? Edi ayan. Nakatulong pa nga ata ako sa pag sikat nila eh.” (Now they’re angry over the post going viral, but aren’t they proudly flaunting their relationship? So there. I even aided them in becoming famous.)

The aim of the Love Your Spouse Challenge is to promote the sanctity of traditional marriage, “to celebrate love and keep Jesus Christ as a center of marriage.” If Sandoval’s allegations are true, then her rival, it seems, had missed the point.

* Insults in Tagalog are translated to literal English equivalents.

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