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Fact or Fiction: Microsoft uses dog noses to make PS4 thumbsticks

Have you noticed the resemblance between a dog’s snout and PS4 thumbsticks?

You’re certainly not alone if you’ve noticed the striking similarities between the two. In fact, some people with extremely creative minds came up with a story accusing Microsoft of using dog noses to manufacture Ps4 thumbsticks.


According to the ridiculous story circulating on Facebook, two dogs are needed in order toy create one thumbstick. This is certainly a hoax since thumbsticks are made of synthetic plastic materials, same as the ones used in the controller.

It also does not make any sense that manufacturers need to murder pooches when they can easily produce thumbsticks using cheaper materials.

So gamers, don’t panic. Dogs are not killed for your thumbsticks.

Written by mmalabanan

Mini is a work-at-home mom from Laguna. Aside from writing, she's passionate about breastfeeding and homeschooling.




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