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This photo allegedly shows a possible premonition of the Miss Universe 2015 mix-up

On Monday, December 21 (Philippine time), the whole world—or rather the “universe”—was shocked after pageant host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez as Miss Universe 2015. Minutes later, Harvey came up on stage to apologize and reveal the rightful winner, Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

While the whole country rejoiced as Wurtzbach’s triumph finally put an end to the Philippines’ 42-year drought in the quest for the Miss Universe title, many sympathized with Gutiérrez for the embarrassment the mix-up caused.

However, a Filipino netizen has claimed that the whole fiasco was bad karma for Miss Colombia, who apparently said she was going to give a “back to back” win for her country. In a Facebook post, Jack Anino shared a controversial Instagram post of Ines Ligron, a Colombian beauty coach who allegedly took the photo of Gutiérrez with Wurtzbach in the background.

In the caption, Ligron wrote: “Es lo maximo esta mujer….. Unbeatable. She turns her back to give everyone a clear message: that she is going to give a ‘back to back.’ #missuniversecolombia2015 is the most beautiful candidate, I have been saying it since that day she won….. that it will be almost impossible for anyone else to beat her striking beauty and her charisma….. Pia got mad at me after I told her that it will be hard to beat her, but this is the truth. Last year I predicted Colombia as well… I am pretty sure that I am right again this year.”

It has not been verified if Ligron really posted the photo as her Instagram account has since been deactivated.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Soliman Anino
PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Soliman Anino

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