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New gay couple Josh Villa and Rod Cy share their love story that is full of hope and courage

“All is fair in love, and everyone is entitled to love.”

In a country where same-sex relationships are frowned upon, coming out takes a lot of courage.

Take the case of Josh Villa and Rod Cy who bravely declared their love in public even in the face of impending criticism. How did love bring them together?

The Dailypedia had a chat with the couple to find out more about their relationship. Theirs is a story of a new love that is full of hope and courage. Let us get to know this couple as they share their love story.

The Dailypedia: When and how did you first meet?

Josh: I can’t remember because he is always on my mind. (Laughs). We met through Facebook.

Rod: We first met last September in Solano, then we decided to meet.

Photo Credit: Josh Villa
Josh and Rod love taking selfies.
Photo Credit: Josh Villa

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