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Woman writes husband’s mistress a scathing but hilarious letter

After discovering her husband’s chest filled with bite marks courtesy of his mistress, one woman decided to simply kick him out of the house—with barely with any clothes on as he had just come from the shower (that’s why she saw the said bite marks).

Then, to “reward” the mistress for her “services,” this witty wife wrote a scathing but rather hilarious letter which she posted on Facebook. She used sarcasm to get her point across and actually made it appear that the mistress did her a great favor by ridding her of a bad husband. The letter also gave away some juicy secrets that would surely embarrass the guy—if he weren’t already embarrassed by the fact that he was caught cheating.

A lot of netizens applauded this wife’s move; though some were concerned that the letter was too personal to post on social media and that she should simply “move on.” Some hoped that she won’t change her mind just for the sake of the kids or because he tries to woo her back.

Take time to read this letter and tell us what you think about this woman’s sarcastic tirade:

Photo credit: NY Meta
Photo credit: NY Meta

Written by Joy Adalia

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