Does gadget use cause infertility?

Can the use of gadgets obstruct a man’s ability to have a child?

In her interview with DZMM’s “Private Nights”, Dr. Lulu Marquez  revealed that cellphones and other gadgets emit radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RFEMR)  that damage the cells and harm our health.

PHOTO CREDIT: Best Pregnancy Advice
PHOTO CREDIT: Best Pregnancy Advice

“Ang cellphone na nag-i-emit ng mga electromagnetic radiation, can actually be the nicotine of the century… Ang long term-effects ng cellphone ay pwedeng similar sa long-term effects ng paninigarilyo,” Dr. Marquez warned.

(The cellphone which emits electromagnetic radiation can actually be the nicotine of the century. The long term effects of cellphones can be similar to the long term effects of smoking.)

Exposure to RFEMR, a seemingly invisible wave which easily passes the human body, causes decreased sperm count. It also negatively affects the morphology and mobility of the sperm.

Other problems linked to exposure to RFEMR include higher chance of getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, higher incidence of autism, difficulty in sleeping due to decrease in levels of sleep hormone melatonin, and frequent headaches.

In order to decrease exposure to RFEMR, Dr. Marquez suggests the following measures:

  • limit use of gadgets and WiFi especially among children
  • avoid putting cellphones inside the pocket
  • pregnant women should refrain from putting gadgets and radio on the abdomen
  • communicate via text message instead of taking long phone calls
  • use speaker or air-tube headset when taking calls
  • refrain from putting the gadget near your head when sleeping

A 2011 study showed that radiation from WiFi connections reduce sperm activity in up to 25% in men. According to the researchers, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless connection damages the semen.

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