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UPDATED: Customer finds cockroach in Hap Chan siopao

Sometimes, customers get an extra surprise along with their purchase. But when you order food, and the little extra turns out to be a cockroach, then to say the very least, that kind of surprise is far from welcome or pleasant.

In fact, downright revolted is what Lou Gonzales felt when she found a cockroach in between the paper wrapper and the bottom of a siopao she was munching on.

As posted on Lou Gonzales' FB page.
As posted on Lou Gonzales’s FB page.

Gonzales, a business manager at a publishing firm, recounts the stomach-sickening experience to The DailyPedia. “While I was eating it, (half-way through!!) I peeled the white paper and the cockroach was underneath. I don’t know if I should be glad it wasn’t inside the siopao. Yikes.”

Gonzales had ordered 18 pieces of siopao for her household to snack on last Saturday, September 26, from Hap Chan Evia Lifestyle Center, a branch located along Daang Hari Road in Las Piñas. Little did they expect to get a “freebie” along with their food. It isn’t clear, however, if all or other pieces of the batch also had crunchy cockroach bits. Upon discovery of the nauseating nugget, Gonzales and her family immediately stopped eating and threw away the buns.

“I had planned to send it back to the restaurant, but I thought it would be futile.” Gonzales relates. “I didn’t want a refund nor a replacement. I just wanted my friends to know.”

One of her friends agrees, commenting on the post, “That could mean their entire kitchen sanitation process is flawed. Lord knows what else happens in there.”

UPDATE: Last October 3, the Hap Chan Evia Lifestyle Center branch reached out to The DailyPedia and sent a statement of apology. They also stated that they had also gotten in touch with Ms. Lou Gonzales regarding the incident. Below is the statement they sent to The DailyPedia.


Written by Bambi Eloriaga-Amago

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