UPDATED: CebuPac denies charging extra if passenger weighs more than 60 kg

Cebu Pacific Airlines was previously caught in another issue for allegedly implementing a policy for passengers to weigh in during the check in process. Passengers who weighed more than 60 kg were reportedly asked to pay a fee. This has been denied by Cebu Pacific.

According to CebuPac, passengers are required to proceed to the body weighing counter first, before receiving their boarding pass or dropping off their bags to comply with weight and balance limitations at selected airports. Passengers are required to be weighed while carrying their hand-carry luggage. Much like overweight luggage, if passengers weigh more than the ideal weight, rumor has it they will be asked to pay an additional fee.

The Facebook page OFW Global Community recently posted a picture of a foreign national at CebuPac’s Body Weight Counter. Many netizens commented that at this rate, no one would ever want to visit the country since all they get at airports are taxes and fees.

Photo credit: OFW Global Community
Photo credit: OFW Global Community

On the other hand, there were also some netizens who said there was no truth in the rumor and many were just spreading negative stories about CebuPac. There are no comments on the post of netizens who were charged extra because of their body weight.

On its website, CebuPac explained about excess baggage and the fees involved, but there is no mention about overweight passengers. Cebu Pac has also clarified that they do not charge overweight passengers and only take their weight for safety reasons.

Written by KM Viray

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  1. So disgusted when my friends told me about charging the overweight passengers coz I am more than 60kg and I’m going back soon for a short visit.I told myself that I’m so unlucky if this is true coz by this time I will be taking Cebu Pacific and this is my first time to travel with this airlines.



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