CAUGHT ON CAM: Rude students scoff at manicurist

They say the customer is always right, but what if said customer is being offensive?

Netizen S. Sangalang uploaded a video captured at a salon which featured an arrogant FEU FERN student insulting a manicurist who was doing his nails. It seems like the manicurist has been under attack for a while since she appeared a bit irritated at the start of the video. The student told the lady she didn’t seem to be doing her job properly ot which she sarcastically replied, “Gusto mo ikaw na lang, hindi ka makapag-hintay eh ‘di pa nga ako tapos eh (Do you want to do it yourself? You can’t wait, I’m not even done yet.) ” The response irked the rude customer and blatantly insulted the lady.

Watch the video below:

Student:Nililinisan mo ba? Parang bina-brush mo lang eh (Are you cleaning it? I think you’re just brushing the nails).”

Manicurist:Gusto mo ikaw na lang (Do you want to do it yourself)?”

Student:Sa tingin mo magpapalinis ako dito kung kaya ko (Do you think I’d even come here if I can do it myself)?”

Manicurist:Hindi ka makapag-hintay eh ‘di pa nga ako tapos (You can’t wait, I’m not even done yet).

Student:Wag ka na kaseng magsalita, magtrabaho ka na lang. Binabayaran kita (Just stop talking and finish your job. I’m paying you for this).

Manicurist:Eh bat ka nagrereklamo. Ikaw nagbabayad sa’kin (Why are you complaining? You’re paying me).”

Student:Sino bang customer dito? San ba nanggagaling sahod mo? Di yata ako kilala neto. (Who’s the customer here? Where does your salary come from? I don’t think this lady knows me).”

Manicurist:Kelangan kilalanin (Do I need to know who you are)?”

Student:Kelangan ‘yun. (Customer yan) (You need to.) (He’s a customer).”

The latter part of the video showed the manager/owner “apologizing” to the students who were complaining about the queue and late service, and telling them the manicurist could no longer accommodate them at the time since she already did a lot during her shift. They were also about to close up for the day, too.

So, do you think the students treated the manicurist properly? Sure they were customers, and as service provider, the manicurist should’ve kept her cool and just ignored their rudeness. But workers deserve respect, especially after putting in a long day at work. A little respect and consideration from customers should keep them going and make them do the best they can.

Video credit: YouTube |Viral Pinoy | S. Sangalang

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