Beware of this maid who swindles money from her employers

Netizen BryannKaren Wong made the mistake of not checking out his maid’s background carefully enough when he employed her. Having come from their neighbor, Emily “Ems” G. Gigantone was hired by Wong to help around their household.

Photo credit: BryannKaren Wong

On Gigantone’s very first day, she immediately asked for an advance on her salary. Wong took pity on the woman and gave her the money since she said she would be sending it to her sick child. The following day, Gigantone tried to ask for a loan. This was when Wong felt suspicious and called his mother.

That was when they found out she was wanted in Bicol for estafa or swindling. It wasn’t even true that her child was sick. When Wong checked her things, the money she borrowed was still there.

Gigantone was lucky that she was only relieved of her duty and wasn’t reported to the police. Wong, however, issued a warning to netizens to be careful when hiring household help. It’s not enough enough anymore to rely on recommendations or who the applicant’s previous employers were.

Just like in a similar incident reported by The Dailypedia recently, a very highly recommended woman was hired by a family to also help around the house. This woman was recommended by her own sister and seemed trustworthy since the reason she was applying for work was to finance her schooling, yet she managed to steal bags of items from the family.

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Let these incidents serve as a lesson to all employers. Recommendations are good, but are not enough nowadays to vouch for a person’s credibility. Be safe and ask for legal documents such as police and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearances. It never hurts to make an extra effort and ask for more requirements when it comes to the safety of the family and protecting your hard-earned money and possessions.

Written by KM Viray

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