GrabTaxi driver posts his side on drugging incident

The Dailypedia previously reported about the experience of a netizen who said the driver of the GrabTaxi she got into attempted to drug her.

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Photo credit: Deej Dayola
Photo credit: Deej Dayola

In her post, netizen Deej Dayola shared her experience en route to her home in Sta. Mesa which was cut short because she said she felt numb and had difficulty in breathing. Dayola had said she heard the sound of a spray a few times during her short ride.

After Dayola got out of the vehicle, she immediately contacted GrabTaxi to report the incident. She underwent medical tests the following day to verify if she had indeed been drugged. Results from the toxicology exams, however, have shown there was no presence of chemicals. Not only that, GrabTaxi also posted on their Facebook page that the driver, Joel Lapira, was tested as well with the results also coming out as negative.

The driver’s side

In his statement, Lapira explained that he was caught in traffic near The Peninsula Manila and so he hurriedly went to SM Makati to pick up Dayola who had booked a ride through GrabTaxi. He explained that at Makati Avenue corner Ayala Avenue, Dayola had said she would be already getting off since she had to go to her mother. Dayola paid her P100 for the fare, booking fee, and driver’s tip.

Lapira was surprised to receive a call from the office of GrabTaxi the following day saying his account had been deactivated. He was also  called into the office for an investigation regarding a spray incident. He immediately went to the clinic for a drug test and his taxi was searched for the spray he allegedly used.

Lapira shared how his life had suddenly changed because of the accusations against him. “Kahit walang kahit anong ebidensya o patunay, nagpost ang pasahero ko sa Facebook na may masama akong ginawa at kumalat ito. Hindi man lang sinigurado kung totoo ang sinasabi niya, [Even though she had no evidence or proof, my passenger (Dayola) posted on Facebook that I did something wrong and it spread like wildfire. She didn’t even try to confirm if her allegations were true.]” said Lapira. This is in reference to Dayola sharing her story despite not having the results of her medical exam at the time.

Lapira also shared how the news had even reached his family in Canada, Japan, and the US. Passengers would also immediately get out of his taxi upon finding out who he was. Even his son, he said, was was bullied in school with his schoolmates saying his father belonged to the “spray gang.”

Lapira called out to Dayola that if she wanted to file a case against him, he was ready to fight since his conscience was clear. As much as he had wanted to remain silent about the issue, he decided to speak out since his family, especially his child, was already being dragged into it.

Dayola’s response

On the same day GrabTaxi released its statement, Dayola posted her reaction to Lapira’s side.

Dayola opened her post by saying she was raised by her parents to be an honest person. She said she posted her experience to warn fellow netizens to be wary of the what she had encountered. She also responded to the netizens who bashed her online.

Wala kayo sa sitwasyon na yun at hindi ninyo alam ang trauma na naidulot neto sa akin. Ako ay isang simple at ordinaryong empleyada lamang na nagtratrabaho para maitaguyod ang pamilya ko. At kung aakusahan lang ako na ginagawa ko eto para sumikat.. Excuse me po masyado po ako busy para jan at hindi ko po sasayangin ang pinagaralan ko at ang maayos kong pamumuhay para manira lamang, [None of you were in my situation and the time and you don’t know the trauma I felt. I am a simple employee who is working for her family. For those of you accusing me of doing this just be famous, please know I am far too busy for such a stunt and I will not waste all my years of studying just to ruin someone.]”

Dayola requested GrabTaxi to open the case again. After all, many similar incidents had previously been so what she said happened to her was possible. The doctor who did the tests also said the chemicals that could be in the spray easily disappeared from the blood.

She also called out to the driver, saying that putting him in a police blotter is the most she could do at this point since a robbery never took place. She also warned him about karma.

To date, there are still no updates on whether the re-opening of the case has been initiated or if both parties have reached an amicable settlement. Hopefully, both sides can move on from the incident.

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