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The Road to Forever: This Cum Laude Couple from UP has been together since 2009

A good relationship is meant to bring out the best in you in every way, and today’s featured couple in our Road to Forever Series definitely fits the bill.

Photos of the “cum laude” couple from UP Baguio are now making rounds on the Social media. The two photos show both of them together during their graduation from high school and during their graduation from the University of the Philippines Baguio. The viral photo posted on the Bassilyo Facebook page now has over 200,000 likes and over 8,000 shares.

The real relationship goal for young people in a relationship. Photo screen-grabbed from Bassilyo Facebook Page
The real relationship goal for young couples.
Photo screen-grabbed from Bassilyo Facebook Page


Harvey Aquino graduated cum laude with a degree in BA Communication, while Donnalyn Sevidal graduated cum laude as well with a degree in BS Management Economics. They have been together since 2009.

In Harvey’s post, he said to his girlfriend that love does not need to wreck their studies. He also said that graduating cum laude is just one of their many relationship goals since they have more left to achieve. How sweet, right?

“Sa aking girlfriend/bestfriend/partner, Dona, salamat sa lahat! Minsan hindi tayo nagkakakita kahit na month anniversary natin dahil sa acads, pero hindi to nakasira sa relationship natin. I’m very thankful for your efforts and love. Who says love wrecks acads? Hi, Ms. Cum Laude! I think this is our kind of #RelationshipGoals, right? More goals to achieve, sooooooon! I love you!”

Indeed, Harvey Aquino and Donnalyn Sevidal are what other students (or people in a relationship) should be aiming for.

Kudos to the cum laude couple! May your relationship blossom to forever!

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