Huge lapu-lapu fish found in Antique

Facebook user Daypuyart Rezn posted photos of a large fish caught in the bays of Brgy. Taboc Libertad, Antique.

The fish, based on its morphological characteristics, was identified as a grouper, more commonly known as lapu-lapu in Luzon. Groupers typically have a stout body and a large mouth. They can be quite large with lengths over a meter and weights up to 100 kg.

Photo credit: Daypuyart Rezn
Photo credit: Daypuyart Rezn

Many netizens had different reactions to the post. Some said the photos were merely edited in Adobe Photoshop while others attested to lapu-lapu can reach to such sizes. Others took a lighter approach to the photo, saying this would be a feast since lapu-lapu is commonly used for main dishes in Filipino cuisine. There were also some netizens who called this fish a “blessing” in times of heavy downpours.

Calling all Photoshop experts out there, is this the real thing or is this merely a hoax and an attempt for 15 seconds of fame on social media?

Written by KM Viray

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