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Netizen finds a cockroach in her Starbucks drink

Starbucks is definitely the destination for people who want to have great coffee, meet friends or just hang out. Concur even says it is the number one destination for business meetings. However, being number one doesn’t mean they are always on their game.

On June 30, 2015, a consumer named Toni Rae U. revealed in a post that her sister found something extra in her Starbucks drink prepared by Starbucks Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Unfortunately, her sister was almost finished with her mocha frappucino before she discovered the dead insect inside her cup.

Delectable? Consumer finds cockroach on her Starbucks drink right before she was about to finish it. Photo screen-grabbed from Toni U's Facebook Page
Delectable? Consumer finds cockroach in her Starbucks drink right before she was about to finish it.
Photo screen-grabbed from Toni U’s Facebook Page

The Dailypedia contacted Toni Rae regarding the incident and she said they bought the beverage as a take away at around 12 midnight on June 29. They were on their way home when her sister noticed something “solid” on her drink. Thinking it was only the whipped cream, she just continued enjoying her drink.

However, when she was almost about to finish it, she saw the dead insect.

A representative from Starbucks already contacted Toni Rae’s sister on July 1 and said the case is still under investigation. The representative also said they will contact her as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they had not heard from Starbucks at the time Toni Rae gave a statement to The Dailypedia.

In addition, Toni Rae also said that a netizen also sent her a message and told her that she also experienced receiving a drink prepared from Starbucks Tomas Morato with a dead fly inside it.

As of writing, Toni Rae’s first post has been taken down and we have already contacted Starbucks Philippines for their statement about the incident.

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