16 years ago, Binay wished he could clone people like Supt. Jamias. Now they’re enemies

Back in 1999, then Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Jejomar Binay commended police Supt. Elmer Jamias for being an outstanding citizen of Manila and member of the government. In his letter to Jamias, VP Binay said, “How I wish we can clone outstanding people like you.” Had his wish come true, VP Binay would have more trouble on his plate now.

Photo of VP Binay's letter to Supt. Jamias back in 1999. See post here.
Photo of VP Binay’s letter to Supt. Jamias back in 1999. See post here.

Earlier this week, there was tension in Makati City Hall as Mayor Junjun Binay refused to leave city hall and step down as mayor in light of the anomalous Makati Science High School building project. Mayor Binay’s supporters went against a barricade of policemen under the supervision of Supt. Jamias, the ground commander from Southern Police District. VP Binay had a heated argument with Jamias, who refused to remove the barricades, and reportedly pointed his finger at the policeman. Later on, in an interview, Supt. Jamias vowed to retaliate for Binay’s actions by suing him for for allegedly affronting and assaulting him during a confrontation outside the city hall.

It’s ironic how the best allies could turn into the worst enemies with a few simple actions. The Binays have been in the middle of many recent controversies and there seems to be no signs of letting up. The Binays also appear to be losing allies, but then again, gaining new ones.

As for Supt. Jamias, will he push through with his statement that he will file charges? TDP will keep you posted.

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