Woman shares husband’s experience of almost becoming a fraud victim

A woman, who doesn’t want to be named, shared on social media the horrible experience of her husband and warned netizens about the new modus operandi of gadget swindlers.

The woman narrated that a man who was interested in the laptop her husband was selling sent a text message to him and arranged to meet with him around 3 p.m. last Thursday, June 18.

Her husband met the prospective buyer at a fastfood restaurant in Cubao. After the potential buyer tested the gadget, he accused her husband that the laptop he was selling was stolen.

Suddenly, two men walked towards their direction and surrounded her husband. The men embarrassed her husband with their accusations made within earshot of the people inside the restaurant. They wanted to bring her husband outside to continue their discussion and they tried to grab hold of him. Her husband resisted and asked for the buyer’s proof that the laptop he was selling was stolen.

The buyer presented the box and the receipt which he claimed were proof. After comparing the serial numbers on the laptop to the numbers indicated on the box, they didn’t match at which point her husband lost his temper and began shouting at the four men (one of them apparently was the buyer’s companion).

“Ang t*nga lang ni buyer, i5 ang laptop na nanakaw sa kanya pero i3 ang tinitingnan niyang laptop. Sana pinagkumpara niya agad ang serial numbers ng laptop at hindi na kailangan pang pagbintangan at ipahiya pa ang asawa ko. Maysakit sa puso ang asawa ko kaya sumama ang pakiramdam niya at sinabi niya sa guard na tumawag siya ng ambulansya. Pinakita niya ang mga gamot niya at doon na kinabahan si buyer. Lalo siya natakot ng sinabi sa kanya na idedemanda siya dahil sa ginawa niya,” the woman wrote,

[“The buyer is an idiot, an i5 (processor) laptop was the one stolen from him, but he was looking at an i3 laptop, He should have immediately compared the serial numbers of the laptop and there was no need to accuse and embarrass my husband. My husband has a heart condition so he didn’t feel well and told the guard (of the resto) to call an ambulance. He showed his medications and at this point the buyer got nervous. The buyer became afraid when he was told my husband plans on suing him for what he did,” the woman wrote.]

The woman said the buyer insisted on resolving the issue, admitting he made a mistake. She said her husband, being a good guy, accepted his apology. It also turned out that the buyer’s companion was a cop from Camp Karingal (whom the woman thinks the buyer just brought along).

The woman said the entire incident was very stressful for her husband who was just trying to earn a living. While she wasn’t able to meet the men who put her husband through such a traumatic experience, they managed to get photos of two of them. She posted them, hoping that it will go viral for what her husband suffered through.


Written by dailypedia

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