WATCH: Pinoy dance group tumbling their way to stardom after video went viral

Another group of Filipino talents, this time showcasing their unusual tumbling stunts. has been noticed by All Star Cheer athlete, Gabi Butler. Tazmania Crew, a local dance group from Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite, were practicing their stunts in a video shared by Butler.
The post was captioned:

“I wanted to share this amazing video of these boys tumbling in the roughest of places. It made me think about how privileged we are to be cheering on spring floors. I will never complain again about a spring floor being too stiff. Props to these guys. They are amazing.”

Photo Credit: Facebook / Gabi Butler
Photo Credit: Facebook / Gabi Butler

The video which has gone viral since it was first uploaded on Thursday, June 11, has been viewed 3,089,698 times as of this writing, not to mention the number of shares and comments made. The 8-minute video clip flaunts the boys’ unbelievable talent using only the cardboard-covered ground as their training area, barefoot and all. Netizens pitched their admiration to the now-famous group.

Some of the comments from the awed audience:

Photo Credit: Facebook / Gabi Butler
Photo Credit: Facebook / Gabi Butler

Watch the video which wowed gymnastics and cheer leading enthusiasts:

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