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Passenger caught performing lewd act inside jeepney

Commuting in the Philippines seems to be more challenging these days. Enduring heavy traffic and a sea of commuters and exposing yourself to lawbreakers are just some of the difficulties of travelling using public utility vehicles in the country.

Apparently, more and more passengers are experiencing a different kind of trouble nowadays. In May this year, a photo of a man performing a nasty act inside a jeepney in broad daylight circulated on social media.

Recently, a netizen shared a similar experience on Facebook to warn others against a man performing a lewd act.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Cherel Gilbaliga
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Cherel Gilbaliga

In the caption of the video the netizen uploaded, she wrote: “Mag ingat sa mga taong bastos!!!! Sumakay ako ng jeep tpus umupo sa harap ko un pala papakita nya sken to! Buti na lang vinideohan ko sya! Nkaka bweset npaka bastos! NKAkatakot tlga kpag mag isa ka lang!”

[Beware of exhbitionists. I rode a jeep and this person sat in front of me to show me this. It’s a good thing I was able to record him on video. He’s so annoying and very lewd. It’s really scary to travel alone these days!]

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