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Samsung NFC chips allegedly post private photos and videos without permission from user

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Fhahodi Zainon Angkat

If you’re a Samsung smartphone user, you might want to know more about the controversial chip before falling for viral videos urging you to remove it.

Several videos claiming that chips built into batteries of some Samsung handsets are responsible for the posting of private information including photos and videos on the Internet have emerged on social networks. It has been dubbed by several netizens as “spy chips”.

Check out the video uploaded by Facebook user Lito Sambrano Riotita which has gone viral. In the short video clip, the man on the video detailed the process of removing the chip.

Another video warning netizens against the “spy chips” was uploaded by Facebook user Fhahodi Zainon Angkat. Watch the video below.

Reportedly, several Samsung smartphone users who fell for the viral videos destroyed their phones’ batteries in order to remove the “spy” chips in their handsets.

The Truth Behind the Controversial Chips

According to Techworm, the chip alleged of sending out users’ personal information is called theNear Field Communication (NFC) chip.

Near Field Communication (NFC) works by transferring data between two devices held in close proximity by tapping devices enabled by NFC. The chip is based on the RFID technology which allow users to transfer small amounts of data between two devices that are just a few centimetres away without the need for Internet connection.

This technology has been used for contactless payments in credit cards, according to a report by Tech Radar. As for smartphones, the NFC chip is responsible for contactless payment in services such as Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and Amiibo.

To answer the million dollar-question, NFC chips are harmless and the viral videos depicting them as spy chips are  wrong.

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Featured image credits to Facebook/Fhahodi Zainon Angkat.

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