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LOOK: Faceless, floating nun photobombs tourist

Ann Rose Monterde and her mother visited an old cathedral called Simala Church in Cebu City, Philippines. The church is famous with people who want to pray for miracles and it is considered the home of the image of the miraculous Virgin where the “Monghe ni Maria” (Monks of Mary) lives.

According to Ann, only a few people were around when they visited the church so her mother asked Ann to take a photo of her in front of the Virgin Mary. After they got home, they reviewed their photos and discovered that they had an unexpected photobomber.

Just look at this:

Photo Credit: Ann Rose Monterde
Photo Credit: Ann Rose Monterde

In the photo of her mom in the church, a floating figure dressed like a nun with no face and no feet can be seen on the left side.

A Lady Dressed like a Nun Floats in the Air.
A figure dressed like a nun floats to one side of the photo.

At the time she took the photo, Ann said there were no nuns present inside the church and that only janitors and a few visitors praying were around. Both mom and daughter remain clueless about who the mystery photobomber could be.

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