Makati Policemen brush off ‘riding in tandem’ incident?

On Thursday, June 25, Gus Villa posted on Facebook a photo showing one gash behind his ear and another at the lower part of his earlobe.

The picture had a caption that read, “Thank God buhay kami. God bless those riding in tandem guys. i should’ve brought my car instead of walking. :((((“

(“Thank God we’re still alive. God bless those riding-in-tandem guys. I should’ve brought my car instead of walking.”)

Around 2:30 in the morning, Villa said that he and his two friends went to Banco de Oro Chino Roces branch, Makati. Two of them withdrew money.

When they were on their way home, three motorcycles stopped in front of them, with two men riding each bike. He said the robbers took php15,000, a watch, and an iPhone 6 from them.

After his two friends surrendered the money and the phone to robbers, they were able to run away. Unfortunately, he was not able to get away.

One of the robbers “bashed my head with a gun and slashed my ear and neck with a small knife,” Villa told The Dailypedia.”Doctor says half an inch more and I’m dead. I just can’t understand why they have to hurt me after giving them what they want.”

“They left me bleeding” on sidewalk and “chased my two friends,” he continued.

Police Response

“After they left me, and [I] regained my strength, I ran to the nearest building and asked help from the guard on duty. That’s the time the barangay tanod (barangay police officer) came (to the scene).”

His friends who had run off saw policemen nearby. The policemen asked them what had happened and they revealed that they were being chased by robbers riding in tandem. Villa said the two only got an, “Ah sila ba?” response.

The officers just brushed the matter aside and left, he added.

He said his two friends kept running until they spotted a barangay tanod. The victims then reported the incident.

Villa said that he posted the photo to warn people about the incident.

The perpetrators remain at large and The Dailypedia is contacting the Makati police as they have yet to issue a statement about the incident.

gus 2

Photo from Gus Villa Facebook account

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