Guy married the Filipina he chased to the airport

In May 2014, Warren Villanueva, a Filipino based in New York, was featured on Humans of New York blog. He shared about a girl with whom he spent pretty much of latter’s two weeks in visiting the place.

“So we spent a lot of time together, and the night before she left to go back to the Philippines, she asked me if I was serious about our relationship,” he shared. He replied to girl, “I don’t know.”

“Then I went home and laid awake all night. Her flight left at 9 AM. So at 4 AM, I texted her to wait for me outside of security. Then I got into a cab and rushed to the airport. I got there just in time,” he narrated.

He revealed to the pretty lady, Janina Pangilinan,before the latter went inside, “I am serious. We will be together.”

The post has 11,000 shares to date.

“The courtship continued when she returned home,” he told Rappler. They maintained their relationship through Viber and text, before it evolved into something “more romantic.”

9th months after, he got engaged to the girl whom he chased to the airport last February and they got married this month on June 12 in New York.

“I cannot remember the last time I have been utterly lost for words. I also cannot remember the last time I got so drunk!” Pangilinan said on her blog. “Yes, we are thankfully surrounded bu super supportive friends and family that each one took on a task (or plenty) in order to make things run smoothly, thus allowing us to really savor each moment of our wedding.”

Warren said he would not do a long distance relationship again: “Would I ever live in different places again? Hell noooo! Well actually, it depends on our jobs but if that happens: only for a couple of days.”

People around the world wish nothing but forever for both of you!

See the proposal and wedding video below:

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