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Netizens angry as mom puts baby on a leash; calls it a pet

Netizens on Facebook are bristling with anger over photos allegedly posted by a mother featuring her “pet” baby, a naked child with a “leash” around his/her neck, hunched over a bowl of what is possibly real dog food.

We tried to reach the supposed mother named Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco, but her Facebook account now appears to be on private mode.

Photo credit: Facebook/Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco
Photo credit: Facebook/Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco

It is assumed that Ayra was the one who posted the photos as it appeared on her account, unless said account was hacked, of course. It is unknown whether the child was truly hers or she was just role-playing for the sake of some laughs, but this backfired after angry netizens reposted the photos.

It angered netizens that Ayra appeared very amused with the “pet” baby, saying she laughed so hard at how the baby was very obedient.

Photo credit: Facebook/Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco
Photo credit: Facebook/Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco

Furious netizens could not contain their anger, saying the woman deserves the worst kind of punishment for her actions towards the child. After all, though this might have been a joke to her, the situation might have lasting psychological impact on the child.

Legal action

The photos have now reached the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). In an interview aired on TV Patrol on May 25, 2015, Secretary DSWD Dinky Soliman said that it was a clear case of Child Abuse and that they are now working on tracking down the woman behind the post and asked the public for any leads. She also enjoined the public to report any such abuses to the proper authorities.

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Written by Joy Adalia

A non-functioning licensed Chemist but full-time mommy of 2 kids, full-time wife, and full-time freelancer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. you nasty vile peice of scum
    You don’t deserve. Children
    You need to be taken round your hometown
    On a lead and fed to the dogs
    I hope that beautiful baby is not with you
    And is placed in the arms of a family that will love and cherish him

  2. Puro paganda sa fb! Walang utak! Kala lahat pede gawin biro sa mga post! Think before you post! Sana makita na ang babaeng yan! Tuwang tuwa pa! Dapat sa babaeng yan idog collar din at ipost sa fb ang picture!

  3. Maraming mag-asawa na gustong magka-anak at maalagaan yan ng mabuti bat sayo pa napunta?…Ang sakit umere ng bata tapos ganyan lang ung gagawin mo?..Kahit pa na biro mo yan..anong klaseng ina ka?….ni hindi ko nga gustong makapulot ng madudumi ang anak ko tapos ikaw ito ipapaharap mo sa pagkain ng aso at tatali-an pa ung leeg?..paano kung bigla yang sumikip sa leeg ng anak mo at namatay?…dapat kang makulong…kaya maraming napapariwara na mga anak dahil sa ganyang klaseng ina…Sorry pero pagdating sa mga bata especially babies nagagalit talaga ako…sana ayusin mong buhay mo….

  4. This get me very upset there women in this world that wish to be able to have a baby or to be call Mom. When there women like this don’t deserve a blessing at all from God . Omg she even has the baby naked ugh I want to put you on your four legs yes!! cause that what you are your animal.

  5. yung nanay, naku, ang hina ng gobyerno ng pinas! Bakit hindi sya ikulong or mas the best na hatulan siya ng kamatayan at huwag ng bigyan ng chance mabuhay! OR mas maganda na Ipa-Rape sya sa mga ISIS para makatikim sya ng mga Tite! Putang inang nanay yan puru pa”cute” naman puru pakshit lang alam. Siguro kung ako lang mabigyan ng chance na parusahan yang babaeng yan, itatali ko sya at kahit ako na mismo mang-rape sa kanya. Siguro gusto nya pasukan ko ng drill ang puke nyan f*ck



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