PHOTO: Man caught performing lewd act in public vehicle

Netizen Sofia Ignacio got a shock when she saw a man displaying his genitalia and performing a lewd act in front of her.

On her Facebook account, Ignacio uploaded four photos of a man in a nasty act in broad daylight inside the jeepney and added a caption which read,

“May tamang lugar naman siguro sa pagmamasturbate kuya. Pero bakit!!! Bakit sa harap ko pa at sa jeep ng ganitong kaaga? Hayop ka. Kadiri ka. t(-_-t)”

(Translation: “Perhaps there’s a proper place where to masturbate, dude. But why? Why do you have do this right before my eyes and here inside jeepney so early? You beast. You’re nasty!”)

The original post was made public on May 8 and removed few hours after it spread like wildfire in social media.

Photo from: Sofia Ignacio Facebook account
Photo from: Sofia Ignacio Facebook account

According to a study, 8% of people who perform sexual activity in public or who demonstrate any unusual overt sexual behavior may suffer from Schizophrenia mental disorder. Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe illness in which people interpret reality abnormally. It may result in a combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior.

Public  exposure of externally visible sex organs is contrary to most moral teachings and laws covering this case varies in global community.

In the country, House Bill No. 6129 which will prohibit the demonstration, performance or exhibition in public of certain sexual acts, has not yet been passed by Congress. This act is commonly known as “Anti- Obscenity Act of 2011” and was presented by Diosdado “Dato” Macapagal Arroyo and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The bill includes the acts that should not be performed in public including masurbation.

Once proven guilty, a person is subject to imprisonment of one year and one day to a maximum of six (6) years, or a fine ranging from Ten Thousand Pesos. (P10,000.00) to Sixty Thousand Pesos (P60,000.00). The penalty of imprisonment from six (6) months and One Thousand Pesos (1,000.00) to Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) shall be imposed on the offender of anilingus, urolagnia, coprophili, or masturbation…”

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