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Consumer Shares His “Lazada Misfortune” on Facebook

Many people choose online shopping because of its convenience. But, this is not always the case. Last May 12, 2015, a Facebook user named Danilo Delos Santos Jr., posted a status sharing his “Lazada Misfortune”. Lazada Philippines is Southeast Asia’s largest online shop. However, unfortunately, it appears even the biggest online shop can disappoint their customers.

According to Danilo’s status, he ordered an LG 42-inch Full HD LED Flat TV with Kool Sound Junior DVD Karaoke Player and Free Wired Microphone. He placed his order last April 20, 2015 only to receive it on May 4, 2015 despite Lazada’s 5 to 7 business days delivery promise. This was the first blow.

When the package was opened, the necessary accessories for the LG TV were missing.  The wall mount, mount anchor, digital cord, and screws were not included in the package when they should have been. After he knew about the discrepancy, he sent an email to Lazada and made an international call on May 6, 2015 since he was already out of the country. He was promised that he would get feedback within 24 to 48 hours, but Lazada never contacted him again.

Photo Credit: Danilo Delos Santos Jr. Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Danilo Delos Santos Jr. Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Danilo Delos Santos Jr.'s Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Danilo Delos Santos Jr.’s Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Danilo Delos Santos Jr.'s Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Danilo Delos Santos Jr.’s Facebook Page

Danilo then made another international call on May 11, 2015 and was informed that the item will be for either replacement or refund in the following days. Unfortunately, Lazada never gave any feedback, and the unit cannot be used. He also mentioned that it only caused him agony as his mother has been expecting the gift and his father just missed watching the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. This prompted him to post his status tagging Lazada Philippines and even LG TV Philippines regarding the incident.

On a final note, Danilo closed his status by warning his friends and the public never to trust or make any transactions with Lazada Philippines.

As of writing, Lazada has not yet responded to our inquiry regarding this incident.

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  1. Hi there! I’m not, in any way affiliated by Lazada, but it so happened that the story is a bit similar to how long I’ve waited for my order. I always shop there and so far, I haven’t had any trouble.

    This misfortune may have been a misunderstanding. If Danilo had the order requested to be delivered within Metro Manila, then that’s a bummer. According to the emails being sent by Lazada for the oder updates, for local items: 5 – 7 working days for Metro and 7 – 15 working days for Non-Metro. For imported items: 10 – 15 working days for Metro and 15 – 20 working days for Non-Metro. If he’s outside the Metro, then his order delivery falls just right within the given timeframe.

    I ordered the same brand of TV, only smaller (32″). I got it within the 7-15 day timeframe (ordered it on May 11, and it was delivered on the 22nd of the same month). I’d also like to point out that LED TVs, by default do not come with wall brackets (except for Devant TVs). The unit I’ve ordered, which I specifically looked for, comes with a free wall-bracket (not included in the TV set itself, but is separate item).

  2. Hello! misfortunes do happen and I’m one of them. I’ve been an avid costumer in Lazada purchasing as much as 30-50K per transaction until same thing happened to me. Last February 2015, I ordered 6 perfumes from them since the last time I ordered it was all authentic. The first perfume arrived and it was indeed authentic. I wonder why the other 5 were not sent together with the first. About a week, the rest of the orders arrived in 2 separate packages. When I opened the packages, I was really disappointed at seeing those fake/imitation perfumes whose labels are not even properly placed and the bottles were not even painted evenly. i felt betrayed because they market it online as authentic. I immediately called Lazada and I was advised to send a return form together with the items via LBC for free. I receive my refund though after about 2 weeks but the hassle of going through the process loss the essence of online shopping. i even posted a comment in the items but they removed my comments..hoping no other victims. The problem with them now is they accept third party seller, they should verify the authenticity of these sellers to protect their integrity. lesson learned,since then i stopped purchasing online…i’m also a victim of GROUPON philippines..the bags i ordered never arrived and the call centre is always busy…charging it to experience. better buy directly especially appliances.

  3. I had the same misfortune with Lazada. I placed an order for a powerbank to be delivered in Makati City. I tracked my order online and it said my item is in shipping via 2 Go. Week passed and delivery was not made. I contacted customer service 3 times on different dates only to received promises. I ended up to order up cancellation. Though the item was delivered after 3 weeks much to my dismay.

  4. Too bad. I ordered separately a karaoke set and a power bank way back December and never got them til now. Delivery is supposedly 10 days but what the heck?
    Three weeks after my order was placed, i sent them an e-mail and got a response that they will check. I replied informing I will cancel the karaoke set as I will buy one instead to be used for Christmas. After that, I never heard back from them. Came March and 2GO called informing me they have the product. Sorry to the delivery man who received my nagging. Is this what you call service? If it is, then it’s very bad.

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