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Incorrect CPR allegedly contributes to child’s death

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a technique performed in medical emergencies, including heart attacks or nearly drownings, in which breathing and heartbeat have stopped. It can be a life-saving technique, but doing it incorrectly can be physically invasive for most victims and put their lives at risk.

The video of CPR being incorrectly performed on a child, an apparent drowning victim, was uploaded recently. People can be seen frantically trying to revive the child using various methods.

(Please be advised that the video contains sensitive scenes and may not suitable for all viewers.)

A woman can be seen cradling an unconscious young boy who was wearing a rash guard/swimsuit. Various onlookers try to revive the child to no avail. This tragedy happened in Florencia Seagull Beach, Philippines.

To properly deal with emergencies, learn basic first aid and basic life support at any Red Cross Center or any institution that provides the training. If you are not trained in CPR, do not attempt to perform it and instead place the victim in a safe area and call for help right away.

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  1. this is outrageous!
    rule no.1: wag mag marunong kung hindi marunong mag cpr! estimating the child’s age roughly 5-7 years old, probably died bcause of drowning. maling maling mali ang CPR mula’t sapul palang! dq maimagine ang additional damage sa bata gamit ang dalawang braso sa chest compression, hindi ka mag ccpr na hawak ng kung cnu ang tao kundi flat on floor at dpat my ngtwag na agad ng ambulanxa!
    my cycle ang CPR at depende pa sa edad ng tawo ito. hindi rin basta bubugahan ng hangin lalo na kung bata dahil may akmang hangin lamanh ang bnbgay. hndi rin basta mag chichest compression kung ilan ang trip mong lalim ng pagpwersa. dq alam ang gagawin sa mga taong to!

  2. Mali mulat mula pa ginawa ng babae.. Put the child in flat surface, blow air 3x Sa bunganga na naka tiilt head para na straight air passage and do the chest compression one Palm hand is enough in that age….u can cause chest trauma and breakage if u put to much force. At miss Hindi sa radial pulse and most palpable pulse ,carotid poh leeg area… At miss but mo inubos and Ora’s mo sa flashlight at cge locate ng pulse …. Than doing mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compression? If life guard ka man miss u failed…



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