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RIP: Best TV Shows That Were Abruptly Canceled

RIP: Best TV Shows That Were Abruptly Canceled

4. Ula, ang Batang Gubat

Judy Ann Santos’ very first starring role in a telenovela. Ula, Ang Batang Gubat was a high-rating soap in 1988 on IBC-13, but was suddenly cancelled in 1990. Although Judy Ann’s first soap was cancelled, she continued to reign the telenovela business and is now hailed as the Philippine’s Queen of Soap Opera.

5. Sis

The show that dominated the 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 nn time slot for almost 9 years, was finally beat by Showtime. It replaced D! Day and was able to  beat ABS-CBN’s Talk TV, Morning Girls, Good Morning Kris and Morning Star. It was replaced by “Diz Iz It!”, GMA 7’s attempt to match ABS-CBN’s “Showtime”.

6. That’s Entertainment

That’s Entertainment was like a workshop for young actors on air. It was one of the most popular shows during its time where many artists came from like Lea Salonga, Billy Crawford, and Judy Ann Santos to name a few. The young actors were grouped into 5 (from Monday to Friday) and would have a production number on Saturdays. Although the show was still popular at the time, That’s Entertainment aired its final episode in March 1996. During that time, Ang TV was already on its fifth year and has dominated the ratings.

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