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#ZeroGravityDay, No one will Float on January 4: A Hoax Report

“I was so happy, I was floating on air.”– this might supposed to be the reaction of some people and we might be seeing crazy stunts videos everywhere on Youtube as many would feel euphoric if this news is true at all.

One of the fables rounding online explains that on January 04, at exactly 9:47 am Pacific Time, Earth’s gravitational force will decrease for five minutes as Pluto will pass directly behind Jupiter. Thus, both planets’ combined forces of gravity will join a huge tidal pull, counteracting Earth’s own gravity and making people feel the floating sensation.

This appealing hoax news was seen to be true as the supposed unusual planetary alignment seemingly posted by NASA (@NASA) accompanied by a verified badge next to agency’s name.

A man plays flying plane in mid-air
A man plays flying plane in mid-air

In relation to the “Zero Gravity Day” announcement, an article was made by the Daily Buzz Live attributing that this flick fake news flash was came all from British Astronomer Patrick Moore. The article says:

Moore told scientists that they could experience the phenomenon by jumping in the air at the precise moment the alignment occurred. If they do so, he promised, they would experience a strange floating sensation.
Astronomers have long been aware that there would be an alignment of the planets on that date, when Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto would be on the same side of the sun, within an arc 95° wide. But now they are guaranteeing the occurrence as the gravitational effect of the other planets on the Earth’s crust is maximum even at their closest approach.

But don’t get too excited. If you think you’ll be able to float around your house, you’re wrong. But, if you jump in the air at 9:47 AM PST, on January 4, 2015, it should take you about 3 seconds to land back on your feet instead of the usual 0.2 seconds.

Fortunately, this bogus notice was retraced and founded as part of a classic 1976’s April Fools’ Day joke. Moore invited the radio audience to try it out and within minutes dozens of listeners had reportedly called in to say the experiment worked, said by

The date came without any single person reported who felt like an airbone and yet even Moore  passed away in 2012, the same joke was spiced up last January 4, 2014. The date took place and no actual weightlessness happened. This was recylced for the third time last April 4, 2014 and repackaged recently for January 4, 2015.

Different day; same joke, told.

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