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Iya Villania defended her bestfriend Nikki Gil

Everyone as its own friends to call in times of needs. To many who lives in showbiz world, real friends are hard to find. One of the friendship in showbiz world that is for real is the friendship between two actresses namely Iya Villania and Nikki Gil.

They are often tagged as showbiz’s good girls for maintaining wholesome images in the years that they’ve been in the business.

Though they are busy on their careers, both managed to become proud owners of college degrees, Iya, 25, took up Psychology in De La Salle University while Nikki, 24, finished English Literature in Ateneo De Manila University.

And they’re somehow taking the same route since entering the industry nearly around the same time. Iya in 2004 and Nikki in 2005. Both of them started as singers: Iya used to do front act for visiting Pinoy artists in her former base in Australia, while Nikki got launched by way of a TVC where she was singing while handing out sodas named Coca-Cola.

Bestfriends Iya and Nikki.

Their friendship is being tested by some issues concerning careers and love life. Iya Villania or  Raelene Elaine Ebaler Villania-Arellano is now happily married to actor-host Drew Arellano while Monica Pauline Gil or better known as Nikki Gil who had a break up with Billy Crawford is now facing another issue because of her prior statement a year ago about her virginity.

Actress Nikki Gil made a vow of not to have sex until she gets married and even wear purity ring to remind her of her promise to God. Because of this, speculations were made to find the real reason of her break up with Billy.

However, in her latest vacation made with family while Coleen Garcia (Billy’s current girlfriend) and Billy’s trip to Maldives recently made rounds online as Coleen posted several of her bikini photos. This sparked talk among fans and they couldn’t help but compare Coleen from Nikki.

A fan questioned Nikki Gil’s virginity

So in response to this bashing issues, a friend of her, Iya defended her by saying that her friend Nikki is still a virgin that all the travels made with Billy were all purely work travel.

Iys’s response against @_mrsencar post

But until this article was written, Nikki Gil is still silent about the issue but rumors said that she is to be in a relationship with businessman BJ Albert, said her decision to stay a virgin still stands.

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  1. Nikki should remain silent because it’s her right. She owes no one an explanation. I applaud her for maintaining her virginity all this time. I really hope she meets someone worthy of her and be truly happy 🙂



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