Why We Love Team Kramer

Why should Team Kramer reach 4 million and up?

“Team Kramer” is now followed by more than 3 million Facebook users for being one of the most adored families in show business. Even without a teleserye or a regular show on television as a family, fans were captivated by the charming children of Cheska and Doug Kramer, effortlessly posing for pictures or videos that captured their daily activities. They have ventured from Facebook and other social networking sites to YouTube to give fans more from smiles to loud laughter or actual picture-ready poses to running videos.

Team Kramer can be more than a celebrity page. Cuteness aside, they create a vibe that mirrors “real” role models not as an individual but as a team, a family showing these values that encourage others for a tight relationship.


1. Faith

Their strong faith has been a big influence to their family which was evident since the beginning of their Facebook posts. They put faith in the center of their relationship, as they said, has been the secret to their successful marriage and encourage their children to pray.

One of their videos on Youtube showed Cheska reading bible verses to her first daughter, Kendra and explaining “Abraham trusted God and even if Abraham offered Isaac to God, Isaac did not fight with his dad. . . Isaac knew that his father was offering him and that he was gonna be a sacrifice yet Kendra, he didn’t fight with his father . . . He saw his dad’s faith to God. . . Abraham was able to prove to God that yes I still trust you, I love you, in fact, you know what, even my son has the same faith because he can see it that I love my God and that my son also loves God.”





2. Family bonding

Despite their busy schedule, they see to it that they have time for the family. Even with the jobs that they have, they make sure that their children are well taken care of. Doug expressed from one of their interviews on a local channel, “no matter how busy we are, there’s always a time during the day where we spent alone time with the kids.”


3. Work

For such charismatic faces, it is  impossible  for advertising companies not to put their eyes on the kids. With very young ages, Cheska and Doug make sure that the surrounding does not appear to be like a working area as Doug said from one of their commercial shoots through their video, “we make it very child friendly, as much as possible they’re not in front of the camera for a long time. We have a play area, we went swimming and we had very nice merienda, they were able to sleep so we don’t make it seem like they’re working which is very nice.”



4. Marriage

Dating or ligawan stage is faaar from over for the Kramer couple. They have said it clearly on posts and interviews that even married couples should have time for themselves to keep the spark for one another.




5. Parenting

Doug and Cheska are also like other parents who don’t want to spoil their children. As the man of the family, Doug does not forget to remind his children as seen in one of their videos, not letting them buy all the toys they want. He even encouraged his children to read more books than buy toys.



For popular children like them, we might assume that they can do or have whatever they want, but it’s just not the way it is with the Kramer family, they are still parents who would like to raise their children well so discipline is also important for them. Doug advised parents to consider this when punishing or scolding their kids, “a lot of parents forget about disciplining is the reconciliation after the disciplining, after that, you know, I  tell them I love them and understand why papa did this, and when they leave the room, they’re smiling”


6.  Health

Parents may have overlooked bringing their young sons and daughters to the dentist for an early age but a good advise from the Team Kramer is to bring their children to a dental clinic and have their teeth checked, shown from one of their vlogs where Cheska said “we’re gonna find out you know, if mama [Cheska] has been taking good care of their teeth.” Doug on the other hand, gave a useful suggestion regarding taking care of their teeth as he stated, “a good tip for them is you know after we make them brush two to three times a day, preferably three. . . you have to make sure that they drink water after they drink milk especially when they go to sleep because that’s where all the sugar from the milk get retain from the milk.”


7. Social networking websites for a cause.

The best way to spread the news is through celebrities. The Kramer family was able to use their popularity to make people become aware about a terrible disorder called, Friedreich’s Ataxia wherein people who got this disease become weaker and weaker as they age. Like how the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was a success for a good cause, they encouraged people to donate for research and study about this disorder.



8. Sisterly and brotherly love

Contrary to some siblings who fight like cats and dogs as a form of conversation or play pranks as a kind of bonding to them,  we see how hands  on Doug and Cheska are with their children since they were able to create a strong relationship among Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin. A lot of precious pictures shown them playing or even making gigil with one another. They have found friendship inside the house, instead of looking for one elsewhere.


9. Tagalog time 

As we know, the Kramer family speaks English most of time, though Filipino culture is still practice in the household as Cheska said in an interview, “we try and teach Kendra how to speak Tagalog, siyempre nandito tayo sa Pilipinas, tama lang naman na marunong siya mag-tagalog, di ba?” Doug and Cheska often speak in Filipino when they talk to their fans through their videos. They also practice using ate when they call ate Kendra to address her being the eldest among siblings. It is also nice to see them trying out popular tropical fruits like rambutan. 

Who doesn’t know about their Tagalog time sessions? Surely, fans giggle every time they watch how cute Kendra and Scarlett saying Tagalog words.




10. Cuteness overload 

With all the values stated above, this is the main reason why we follow them. We repeatedly say “ang cute!!!” like programmed robots because of their undeniable charming and adorable faces. Do I need to say more?



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  1. I so luv this family. The kiddoes never failed to entertain us. We are a certified Team Kramer. Thanks for sharing the cute pix’s.



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