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Motorist With No Helmet Back Ride Strikes Back At The Traffic Enforcer Who Has More Violations Than Him

Motorists are aware of laws being implemented to protect the public from crimes, particularly caused by riding in tandems. In Mandaluyong, an ordinance was recently passed stating that  only spouses, parents and siblings will be allowed to be with motorcycle drivers. There’s also an existing law “mandating all motorcycle riders to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets while driving.” (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10054)

So here’s a story:

A few days ago, a 34-second video involving a traffic enforcer and a motorist was uploaded online and created a buzz around social media. According to the owner of the video, he was in stopped by a Pasig traffic enforcer in Manggahan. The reason: Because his back ride was not wearing a helmet. He was willing to be issued with the ticket, but the problem is, the enforcer was not wearing a helmet as well. Not only that, his motorcycle was not even registered, with an open muffler, and motorcycle’s plate number is covered.

As the netizen records the incident, the traffic enforcer tried to stop him. Feeling embarrassed, the latter immediately left the scene, but not after all his violations were caught on cam.

The post reads;

Kanina mga 1pm s mangahan pasig, kanto papuntang c5 road, my naka sabay ako pag momotor pilit ako pinapatabe, dahil walang helmet angkas ko, oo mali ako my violation kaya tama lng n hulihin ako nabasa kc ng ulan extra helmet ko, at willing din ako mag p ticket, pero nd para sigawan at pag duduruin, ang problema, ung humuhuli skin eh nd din naka helmet, nd naka rehistro motor, open muffler, naka taas at my cover n blue ung plaka, kaya sabi ko tikitan nya muna sarili nya bago ako mag p ticket s kanya, gago daw ako hahahaha kuyang traffic enforcer ng pasig (blue boys) mas gago k skin!! BwahahaYAYA!

Many agreed to what the uploader did, because somehow, this will be a wake up call to abusive enforcers:

screengrab  from Trending Videos FB
screengrab from Trending Videos FB

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One Comment

  1. Not to mention the serious crimes he’s in which is
    Alarming Scandal, Illegal possession of Ugly Face.

    Busabos na Enforcer san ba napag kukuha yan?
    Inutil din yung mga amo nyan!



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