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What Krista Miller wants us to call her…

She was once accused as a home-wrecker, and recently regained notoriety as the woman who visited a convicted drug lord. On ABS-CBN late-night talk show “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” on Tuesday, Krista Miller, who recently made headlines after visiting convicted drug lord Ricardo Camata at a hospital, said that she gets hurt when people call her a ‘starlet.’

When asked about what she prefers to be called, Miller told the host Boy Abunda:

She is…


Krista Miller as a 'Condo Agent'
Krista Miller as a ‘Condo Agent’ (

She’s not!


Krista Miller is not a starlet!
Krista Miller is not a starlet! (

She is…


Krista Miller is an actress! (Google)
Krista Miller is an actress! (Google)

So remember! She’s an actress, not a starlet! Okay!?

Here’s the video from the said guesting on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight:”

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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