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Social media mishap? Lani Mercado allegedly ‘liked’ Bong Revilla’s ‘magnanakaw’ tarp

Social media mishap? Lani Mercado allegedly ‘liked’ Bong Revilla’s ‘magnanakaw’ tarp

  • Mayor Lani Mercado accidentally ‘liked’ a tweet criticizing her husband for being a ‘thief’
  • A viral tweet from a parody account posted a photo of Bong Revilla’s campaign ad, with ‘magnanakaw’ plastered on the tarpaulin
  • The senatorial candidate is still facing separate graft cases, despite being acquitted of plunder charges

A Twitter parody account, centering on Philippine politics, posted on Wednesday a photo of Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.’s campaign ad with a “correction”—the word “magnanakaw” plastered on the tarpaulin, which piqued the attention of Twitter users, even that of the senatorial candidate’s wife.

The account, Malacañang Events and Catering Services, recently posted a follow-up tweet showing an alleged screenshot of Lani Mercado-Revilla’s Twitter page, where the “Likes” section displayed that she has “liked” the tweet that the parody account posted of her husband.

The actress-politician currently serving as Mayor of Bacoor has denied this, saying that “I didn’t approve this. Fake news…”

Because of that, the original poster has called her a “denial queen,” with one netizen accusing the mayor that she is the same as her husband Bong – already caught in the act but still lying their way through it.

It may be noted that Bong Revilla is still facing separate Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) graft cases despite being acquitted last year of the crime, in relation to the pork barrel scam case.

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Sonny Angara slammed for “troll farms” by netizens amid TRAIN Law criticisms

Sonny Angara slammed for “troll farms” by netizens amid TRAIN Law criticisms

  • Reelectionist Sonny Angara is accused of having a “troll army,” netizen provided proof by reverse-image searching his supporters
  • Sonny Angara responded to online critics with the hashtag ‘troll intelligently’
  • Angara referenced last year as ‘Perfect Storm’ with the rise of the country’s inflation rates and turmoil in world economy that overshadowed the TRAIN law’s commencement

A digital exploration was done online, uncovering an alleged “troll farm” for reelectionist Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara; after the lawmaker snidely answered a netizen’s inquiry of higher excise tax on fuel, mentioning the hashtag “trollintelligently.”

It all started when one Twitter user expressed his opinion that the public should remind Angara that he was the one who sponsored the government’s Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law, as he reminded that the senator is in the business of forgetting it. This is in reference to the absence of the bill in his commercial ads.

The post was then quote-retweeted by his friend and tagged the senator’s Twitter handle to start an online discussion. When the conversation turned to Angara’s appearance on CNN Philippines’ The Source, another netizen pointed out that Angara has seemingly settled the TRAIN Law issue as the price of gas would increase base on the status of the world market.

“That’s the best he could do? Then why isn’t he as proud of its effects on all of us if that were the case? World market, my foot. Matagal nang dictated ng world market ang crudo. Pero dahil sa kanya, mas itong nagmahal dahil sa tax. Was it an extra P8-10/litre?”

And to this, the legislator finally replied to the thread with, “P2.50. #trollintelligently.”

Friends of the user came to her defense, denying that she was far from trolling and then proceeded to pull up receipts of the senator’s troll network: “Troll agad?? I know her personally and she’s far from trolling. Alam mo kung ano ang troll?? Yung troll farm mo. Daming pondo ser ha??”

“Antaray may troll network din si Train Law Mastermind @sonnyangara ha?? Accounts with just a few tweets and virtually all of them — you guessed it — defending Sonny Angara. At nilalike din nila ang isa’t isa. Iba po talaga epekto ng Train Law, kung anu-anong trabaho na pinapasok.”

Last February, a netizen did a reverse image search on Angara’s supporters and supposedly uncovered his troll army: “If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just scroll through Sonny Angara’s troll army and look for some uplifting quotes.”

“As you can tell by their follower count, there are about a 120 quotes to choose from. Enjoy and feel better about yourself. At least you are not a paid hack ✨”

One of the front runners of the 2019 senatorial race, Angara was interviewed by CNN host Pinky Webb Tuesday night.

A legislator for 14 years, he has pushed for passage of more than 80 laws, one of which is the TRAIN Law he shepherded in the 17th Congress, and for which the lawmaker has been under attack by the opposition party and netizens alike.

The controversial bill was passed in 2017 and took effect last January 2018. Under it, additional taxes were imposed on drinks with sugar and oil products to fund the administration’s infrastructure program. An excise tax of P2.50 was placed on oil products in 2018, while another P2.00 was added this year.

Asked by Webb if Angara has any regrets about passing the said bill, he answered, “Maybe the amount, maybe we could have spread it out over 4 or 5 years. Having said that, the original proposal of the DOF (Department of Finance) was 6 pesos tax and I think the intention of the Congress was very good in the sense that they want to spread out the pain. But looking back at 2018, it was like a ‘Perfect Storm’… No one predicted that the oil would hit a hundred dollars. No one predicted that the US would threaten Syria, that the trade war between US and China would happen.”

“We have to live with what we did,” added Angara.

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‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

‘Kuya Escort’ Ion Perez reacts to rumored relationship with Vice Ganda

  • Vice Ganda and Ion Perez’s confession of ‘status’ in GGV taping has set social media abuzz
  • Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo grilled Ion Perez on ‘the real score’ with Vice Ganda
  • Showtime hosts Vice and Ion shared an intimate moment that was caught on cam in the past

Kapamilya noontime show mainstays Vice Ganda and “Kuya Escort” Ion Perez have been the subject of “rumored relationship” in past gossip columns, but now the rumor seems to be true after netizens posted stories on social media that the two allegedly admitted to being a couple during a taping session for ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ (GGV).

Photos of them hugging each other circulated online, and netizen JS Espejon Sanchez said that the pictures were taken during the March 12 GGV taping. He then proceeded to explain what happened on the set.

According to the Sanchez, Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo were the guests on GGV to promote their upcoming movie Eerie. The two wanted to do a prank on Vice where Ion and Jacky were dressed as nuns.

After the prank, Bea asked Kuya Escort what the real score is between him and the comedian-host. Charo Santos also had a follow-up question, and that was when Perez finally revealed that heand Vice are already couple.

“Totoo man o hindi ang mga bali-balita, abangan n’yo nalang po para malaman ang katotohanan ♥ ^O^,” cryptically posted Perez recently on his Twitter account.

Ion also shared, “Walang mangyayari sa buhay natin kung paiiralin ang hiya at takot sa paggawa ng mga bagay na kaya naman nating gawin.”

The viral tweet of Vice Ganda saying: “Please allow me to be happy. Siguro deserve ko din naman magmalaki at ipagmalaki ng taong mahal ko at mahal ako. 😍😍😍 I love you daddiii ❤️ #inarelatIONship” is apparently just made by a fan and was not posted to Vice’s Twitter account.

In a previous report, the two were spotted together in an event sharing an intimate moment which was caught on cam and Jhong Hilario, their co-host, even showed proof.

The rumor was fueled further when Ion called Vice “Lab” on ‘It’s Showtime’s’ live program last month.

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Jiggly Caliente ‘drags’ Bianca Del Rio, wants her to become a ‘lechon’

Jiggly Caliente ‘drags’ Bianca Del Rio, wants her to become a ‘lechon’

  • Jiggly Caliente ‘roasts’ fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Bianca Del Rio, and wants her to become a ‘lechon’
  • Bianca Del Rio is in PH for her two-day debut show “It’s Jester Joke” at the SM Aura Premier
  • Caliente and Rio have been friends for 15 years and ‘trash talk’ each other online

Filipino-American drag performer Jiggly Caliente took to Twitter to joke about her good friend and fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Bianca Del Rio, who is in Manila for her two-day debut show “It’s Jester Joke.”

Caliente posted, “She’s in the Philippines. Alam nyo na. Lol. Busugin ang baboy para lechonin ang gaga lol. I love you @TheBiancaDelRio enjoy my country and the people. They will treat you well. Ask for a massage with ES lol jk”.

Del Rio disclosed during her press conference that Caliente has been telling stories about her online using the Filipino language.

“Let me tell you about that bitch, Jiggly, I have known for a good 15 years, she has been saying shit online and it hasn’t been in English and she’s been telling people in Manila what’s going on and she’s like Bianca tagadagada and I don’t know what any of that means and I’m worried tomorrow that you’re all gonna attack me,” she joked.

Proving Del Rio right, Caliente’s post on Twitter garnered over three thousand likes with netizens joining in on the fun with ‘roasting’ jokes of their own:

Babatuhan din ba ng balut mamsh? charot,” says one Twitter user.

To which the singer-transgender activist replied, “Basta yung walang shell lol.

Mamsh medyo makunat na siya pag nilechon matanda na kasi charot,” commented another user.

Del Rio even added in the interview, “But she’s been great, she said go and eat the food, of course food. She said eat everything, alright.”

Del Rio, whose off-stage name is Roy Haylock, is known for her unfiltered comedy. The RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 winner has been unafraid to tackle almost any subject when doing stand-up shows, ranging from politics to gender and even race.

The drag queen’s show will be held on March 12 and 13 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier.


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Woman cries foul after finding that her ex shares her Netflix account with new beau

Woman cries foul after finding that her ex shares her Netflix account with new beau

  • Woman found out her ex BF kept using her Netflix account and has been sharing it to his new girlfriend
  • Ex BF retorts that the account was from his new beau but Twitter user denied it as her mother’s name was used in the email account
  • Netizens claim that the Netflix password sharing is more painful than the breakup

All is not fair in love and Netflix password sharing. A netizen has garnered Twitter buzz over the weekend when she posted online her ‘digital heartbreak’: finding out that her ex-boyfriend kept using her Netflix account and has been sharing it with his new girlfriend.

The user wrote: “bv coz kapal ng mukha ng ex ko puta di na nga nilog out netflix ko sa phone niya pinahiram pa sa jowa niya?????????? TAENA TAMA BA YON?!?” on her Twitter account which has now been retweeted for over eight hundred and received 22 thousand likes.

In her update, one of her ex’s friends even disclosed to her that the guy in question is planning to share her account to his group of friends.

Twitter users sympathized with the original poster, advising her to change her password giving her the option to log-out of her account from all the connected devices to it.

Others poked fun at the guy especially as the spurned ex-girlfriend shared that after her viral tweet, her ex contacted her to pick a fight and rebuke her by saying that the one he’s using is his new girlfriend’s own Netflix account.

“Eh **** first and last name ng nanay ko nakalagay sa email!,” the original poster added.

According to a survey from GlobalWebIndex in 2016, more than two-thirds of Netflix users have shared their usernames and passwords.

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Son pranks Filipino Mom with his PH flag tattoo on his thigh

Son pranks Filipino Mom with his PH flag tattoo on his thigh

  • Twitter user shares a video of his mother’s reaction to his tattoo prank.
  • Netizens share how relatable it is especially for those who have Filipino parents.

We all know that Filipino parents are protective of their children. Even if you’re already an adult, it’s still difficult to acquire permission to do almost everything.

This netizen named Thomas Tolentino decided to prank his mom in the car, fresh from his graduation. He proceeded to tell her that he got a tattoo of the Philippine flag on his thigh and that’s when she started freaking out.

The mother began scolding her son, of course, Filipino style. She stated how his father would find out right away because he was trained in the military.

“Sa tingin mo hindi yan mapapansin ng daddy mo? Ang daddy mo trinain yan sa military. He knows kung sino ang masama at hindi. Alam niya kung sinong nagda-drugs o hindi. Isang tingin palang alam niya kung sinong nagsisinungaling.”

It was also revealed that Thomas recently got ear piercings, which may be one of the reasons why his mother is going nuts over the tattoo. She shared that they still haven’t moved on from the piercings and he once again pulled a “bad boy” move.

“Ayan ang hindi ko gusto sayo yang umaabuso ka na. Alam no na ngang yang hikaw mo hindi pa kami nakaka-recover jan. Ngayon magpapa tattoo ka sa thigh mo? Wala kang konsiderasyon sa magulang mo.”

Just before Thomas revealed that it was just a prank. She said a line that probably most of us heard from our Filipino parents whenever they’re furious at us:

“Kayong lahat ang papatay sakin.”

Filipino Twitter users were amused at the video especially that they can relate to the reaction of the mother as they can see their own parents in her.

As funny as this is, it also is actually a very accurate example of how conservative Filipino parents are. Pero yung “kayo talaga ang papatay sakin eh” EVERY. FILIPINO. MOM. EVER.

lol and when tatays make the situation worse pa by saying “Yan kasi mga nagpapasaway kayo sa nanay niyo.” and then nanay will go on a rant starting from the day we were born until that very moment why she’s mad in the first place

when she said your dad was in the military and she can tell when people are bad im like damn Filipino parents always gotta make up a reason to prove their point lmao

Celebrity mom Pia Magalona also shared the time when her late husband Francis Magalona’s father saw his tattoo for the first time.

When my late husband’s dad first saw HIS tattoo… he asked, “hijo… is that a real tattoo??” He panicked and said, it’s just IRON ON!

Lol yeah, right.. ironed onto his ARM!?!

I asked my mom how she would feel if I got a tattoo and she deadass told me to read the Bible lmfaoo

The video has now been played more than 1.25 Million times on Twitter

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