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Tyra Banks likes a photograph of Maymay Entrata

Tyra Banks likes a photograph of Maymay Entrata

  • Supermodel and host Tyra Banks liked a photograph of her and Maymay Entrata.
  • It was after a fan edited a photo of her and Entrata doing the same pose and uploaded it on Instagram.

International supermodel Tyra Banks has once again acknowledged Maymay Entrata as she liked an edited photograph of her and the Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 big winner.

A fan made a collage of Banks and Entrata; uploaded it to Instagram under the account of ‘just_love_mayward‘. It showed the two doing the same pose in different scenarios.

It did not stop there as the supermodel liked another edit of the same account, which included more photographs than the previous one.

It was not the first time that Banks has acknowledged Entrata on social media as it can be remembered that she also liked photographs of the Kapamilya star from last year’s Star Magic Ball as well as her catwalk from the Bench fashion show, where the Filipino young star walked alongside her tandem Edward Barber.

Entrata recently took part at the 2018 Arab Fashion Week, walking for Filipino designer Furne One‘s collection.

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Celebrity Couples at 2009 Star Magic Ball

Celebrity Couples at 2009 Star Magic Ball

  • Star Magic Ball 2009 was attended by a number of Celebrity couples.
  • Here’s what happened to these Couples eight years later.

Star Magic Ball has been one of the most-awaited and talked-about occasions in the Philippine entertainment circle since 2006.

A lot of issues happened. There were fights, controversies, and rumors in the past years. There were a lot of couples who attended the gathering who eventually went on their separate ways.

Here are some updates about Kapamilya couples who showed up together as dates at the Star Magic Ball 2009:

Shaina Magdayao and John Prats.

The couple were together for two years but ended their relationship in December 2009. Shaina had a relationship with actor John Lloyd Cruz and ended in 2012.

She has been linked to heartthrob Piolo Pascual but never confirmed their relationship.

John Prats, on the other hand, dated celebrities such as Rachel Ann Go and Bianca Manalo before settling down with Isabel Oli, to whom he is now expecting a second child.


Anne Curtis and Sam Milby.

Sam and Anne (SamAnne) were in a four-year relationship before they opted to split-up for good in 2011. In spite of their past, the two remained good friends and starred in several projects together.

Sam dated model Mari Jasmine, but he is currently single. Anne is now happily married to businessman and vlogger Erwin Heussaff.


Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsey.

The couple were together for six years and broke-up in February 2012. Derek ended up dating actress Cristine Reyes for a while.

Angelica entered in a relationship with John Lloyd Cruz but broke up in March 2016. The actress is currently being linked to ex-boyfriend and loveteam partner, Carlo Aquino.


Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil.

After 5 years, Billy and Nikki broke up in 2013.

Both are now married. Nikki with businessman BJ Albert, to whom she had a child in 2017, while Billy recently tied the knot with Coleen Garcia.


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Billy Crawford arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts [UPDATED]

Billy Crawford arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts [UPDATED]


Just hours after the Star Magic Ball where he dazzled the crowd with girlfriend Coleen Garcia in his arms, actor-TV host Billy Crawford went to the Bonifacio Global City police precinct with a yet unidentified female companion to ask for assistance about a matter not revealed to the media.

Billy Crawford Arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts
At the Star Magic Ball
Photo credit: Facebook/Star Magic

It happened a little after 4 am, Sunday, reveals GMA News. After he was told by police officers they would bring him to the headquarters, however, he flew into a rage, allegedly punching the lady desk officer and damaging the precinct’s glass door.

The police immediately arrested Billy, placing him in handcuffs and filing a case of malicious mischief against him. They also brought him to the hospital for examination; initial reports regarding the issue did not indicate whether the actor was drunk.

Billy Crawford Arrested after Star Magic Ball; Coleen Garcia reacts
Photo credit: screenshot of News TV report

Coleen Reacts on Twitter

When the issue broke out, netizens bashed Billy not just for his actions but also about the unidentified female companion. Many were quick to comment regarding his womanizing ways but there were also a lot of people who scoffed at the issue, saying Billy’s camp is merely trying to stir controversy because of upcoming shows/movies.

Coleen Garcia took to Twitter to defend her boyfriend, revealing that the ‘unidentified woman’ was actually one of her best friends. She also implored the public to first know the facts between jumping into conclusions.

Coleen also replied to a tweet made by GMA News.



Billy Apologizes for the Incident

In an interview with DZMM on Sunday morning, Billy issued an apology for his actions, saying he had no one to blame but himself.

He also made a few clarifications:

It was previously reported that he allegedly hit a lady desk officer at the precinct but Billy stressed he never hit anyone. As for the door which he allegedly broke, that he admitted, saying he was a bit aggressive and hit the door.

Why did he do that? Blame it on the alcohol, really. He said that after a few drinks, he became “stressed out by certain situations”. He admits to being unable to contain/control himself when ‘under the influence of alcohol’. Knowing he could be quite aggressive when drunk, he decided to go to the police station to sort things out.

What happened at the police station was actually fortunate, he said, fearing the worst could have happened if he erupted at the bar instead of at the precinct. He also said that he finally calmed down after he was handcuffed by the police.

To prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, he believes it is best for him to ‘act like a grown up’ and lessen alcohol intake.

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