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Gretchen Baretto and friends apologize over viral video

Gretchen Baretto and friends apologize over viral video

  • Gretchen Barretto, Mimi Que, and Patty Pineda, apologize via Instagram live over a June 6 video that went viral
  • Gretchen Barretto stated that she’s still very immature and should act her age more

Actress Gretchen Barretto issued an apology last June 9 after her Instagram video went viral. The video contained Baretto with her friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda laughing while reading a letter sender’s request.

The trio was trying to read a letter sent by a woman named Jo-Ann Mula, who was asking for help on behalf of her mother-in-law.

In her apology, she stated that she sometimes forgets that she’s 48 years old and she should be acting her age, but she also admitted that she’s still very immature.

“Sorry po at minsan nakakalimutan ko po na 48 years old na ako (I’m sorry and sometimes I forget that I’m 48 years old) and I should be behaving my age.

But talagang sadyang immature pa rin po ako (But I guess I’m just very immature) and I am very sorry. I’d like to make a public apology, although Jo-Ann Mula already accepted our apology that very night,”

In the 30 minutes of live video, she clarified that she was not laughing about the letter sender being sick, contrary to what was pointed out by some netizens on Facebook.

She also said that she decided not to talk to the media. Gretchen said she was grateful for the support she got from her followers. She also thanked those who criticized her.

“I know that I have been a little… not a little, but very careless, very reckless with my ways. Like I said, I am flawed and I am willing to learn. I am willing to get hurt.”

I am glad that we are going through this trial, this hurdle because it is only through this kind of situation we grow. And so we’re learning to grow and tears won’t hurt. It won’t kill us.”

Gretchen also mentioned that she has no plans for stopping on helping others.

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Why Gretchen Barretto and friends are laughing at a letter of request? Netizens react

Why Gretchen Barretto and friends are laughing at a letter of request? Netizens react

  • Actress Gretchen Barretto and her friends posted a video that gained confusion and criticism from netizens
  • The video contains them reading a letter of a follower asking for help while laughing hysterically

Actress Gretchen Barretto and her friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda has granted many of of their Instagram followers’ wishes after the success of their first Easter Sunday gift-giving activity on social media.

In a post of the actress, netizens were confused when Barretto, Que, and Pineda started laughing hysterically while reading a request sent by a follower.

“No caption needed. Swipe left”

Although it was unclear over what the trio were laughing about, one commenter explained the context of the video:

“Tagalugin ko para naman ma-gets nila at hindi nila pag tawanan. May dalawa daw siyang anak at nawalan siya ng work. (since my youngest) meaning nun, simula nung isilang niya siguro un bunsong anak niya. Un youngest son niya na-accident daw nung one month old pa lang nung time na nagka earthquake daw sa kanila (Surigao City) and also his youngest son is a pre-mature baby then siguro inoperahan then he survived. His eldest son naman daw may butas sa puso. (So, in short… she is telling her lifestory) Then, before pa she keeps on sending her request for his sick brother and baka di niyo mababasa kaya sinabi niya ulit. And siguro nung time naman na magrerequest ulit siya, Mother’s day naman so her request for that day is for her Mom.”

As a result, her followers were confused and shocked as to why they are laughing over the seemingly sincere letter of the sender.

Inappropriate to show this video in public tsk! so insensitive! Why laughing? Kung tutulong lang naman din bat pa nagtatawanan? You guys are lucky for having a good life!… kung wrong grammar mn galing. Kamu nalang siguro mag adjust total kamu may naka skwela! Tsk! Taga Surigao pajud inyo gi ing ana seeeees! Here’s my 10 cents mga hambog!”

“w0w!!! para silang walang kamatayan!!! time will come din sa inyo!! di nyo alam kung anong hirap mayron and taong laman nang sulat na yan!! darating din panahon niyo na yung salapi niyo walang bisa!!”

“Bakit kailangan pang e LAUGHTRIP? Binasa niyo nalang sana ng tahimik lang.. total kayo naman ang may pinag aralan kaysa nagsulat ng requist na yun dapat kayo nalang ang umiintindi?? Nagmukha na tuloy  kayong mas walang pinag.aralan kaysa sa taong humihingi lng naman ng tulong sa inyo?.”

However there are also comments defending Barretto’s video

“Nag base kayo sa caption ng nagshare hindi nyo inassess ung video kung bakit sila ngtawanan.. the letter was at first about the sender’s son then suddenly moved to his brother but since mother’s day nga daw ang request ay para sa mother. They didn’t laugh about the situations of the people in the letter natawa lang sila na after all ng nasabi ng sender para sa mother pala ung request.”

Barretto, Que, and Pineda has yet to provide an explanation as to why they are laughing in the video.

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