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Netizens puzzled by a sari-sari store built high off the ground

Netizens puzzled by a sari-sari store built high off the ground

  • A netizen posted some photos of a store located above the ground which looked seemingly inaccessible
  • A customer needs to climb a coco lumber pathway before they can get to the store
  • Sari-sari stores are so popular you can see them anywhere all over the country

Facebook user Jasmin Usman shared photos of a sari-sari store which was located above the ground and looked seemingly inaccessible. She captioned the photo: “So paano ako bibili?”

This little store in Kabuntalan, Maguindanao requires the customers to climb an improvised pathway made of “coco lumber” for them to get to the store.

The photos received mixed reactions as the netizens were thinking of the reason the store was in such a high place which would not be easy for a customer to get to.

One netizen said that the store does not apply “the customer is always right” policy by making it inaccessible.

“Saklap, hindi talaga makatarungan ang salitang customer is always right diyan kung aakyat pa at mag–eeffort.”

Another one had thought that the main reason was to deter thieves.

“Ganyan daw para walang magnakaw hahaha…”

A netizen also said that maybe the place was a flood-prone area so they needed to put the store in a higher place.

In the Philippines, the sari-sari store is so popular where you can see it anywhere all over the country.

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Best wedding gift: Newly wedded couple passed the bar exams a few days after getting married

Best wedding gift: Newly wedded couple passed the bar exams a few days after getting married

  • The couple passed the bar exams, which they considered as the best gift received after their wedding
  • The couple have worked so hard and supported each other to achieve their goals
  • Families of the couple were so happy for their achievements

Passing the 2018 bar exam was the best gift that a newly wedded couple, Amon Jadeedah Pacasem and Rasul Salik, received. As a couple, they have worked so hard and supported each other to achieve their goals.

Before passing the bar exam, the couple were Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and become a colleague in a law school, the Notre Dame University in Cotabato City. After law schooling, the couple from Maguindanao decided to have their review in Manila together with their friends.

All of them were supporting each other in terms of food, laundry, and studies. Indeed, they have all worked hard for the bar exams.

We went to one review school, nagdadamayan kami doon, ultimo pagkain, laundry, studies, Rasul said.

The couple had their matrimonial vows on May 1 and a few days later, the result of the bar exams was released.

Without any expectations, the couple passed the bar exams which they considered as the best gift received after their wedding.

“Ako was inside the mosque, I was praying. Pag on ko ng data, boom, text, calls came. At first I was not sure kasi we just gotmarried, ‘yung greeting might refer to our wedding. I was crying kasi May 3 is ***** anniv rin ng papa ko,” said Rasul.

We went to Davao just to avoid people and pressure. We didn’t expect… tapos sabi ko how would I react? We have to compose ourselves kung paano namin sila haharapin pero God is good,” Amon said.

Amon had always felt the pressure because of high expectations from her family, knowing that her brother and sister are lawyers and were first takers of the bar exam.

There’s always a pressure since I entered law school kasi there’s expectation from the family and relatives considering na sister and brother ko lawyers, puro first take,” she said.

She was also worried that she would be the first Pacasem who would not pass the bar exams.

“It was never easy, nagtatrabaho rin kasi kami,” she added

When the result was announced to the public, Amon’s mother, a retired public school teacher was so happy and blessed because three of her children are now lawyers.

“Masaya, hindi ko lang masabi kung gaano kasaya ‘yung pagkakaroon ng tatlong abogado, I didn’t really expect that kasi kung tutuusin we came from ‘yung family na wala. We started from zero. ‘Di ko ini-expect na ganon ‘yung maabot ng mga anak ko” said proud mother, Samera Pacasem.

Out of 1,800 bar exam passers, the newly wedded couple was blessed to pass the 2018 bar examination together with six other law students from Notre Dame University.

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Senatorial candidate Gary Alejano urges Noynoy Aquino to claim responsibility over Mamasapano clash

Senatorial candidate Gary Alejano urges Noynoy Aquino to claim responsibility over Mamasapano clash

  • ‘Dapat inako niya responsibilidad’: Alejano twits Aquino over Mamasapano issue
  • Senate bets give mixed views on Aquino admin’s faults

“Otso Diretso” bet Rep. Gary Alejano said on Sunday that former president Benigno Aquino III should have taken responsibility for the Mamasapano massacre that killed 44 elite policemen.

In one of the senatorial debates hosted by ABS-CBN, Alejano was asked during the “fast-talk” round of “Harapan 2019” on whether what Aquino did with the Mamasapano issue was right, to which he responded: “May kulang.”

Dapat inako niya ang lahat ng responsibilidad doon bilang tatay ng bansa,” Alejano clarified.

Asked further if Aquino was liable for massacre, Alejano said: “Nasa kaso na po iyan at hayaan natin ang justice system na gumulong.”

Another senatorial aspirant and former solicitor general Florin Hilbay was in opposition, however, claiming that Aquino should not be held liable for the massacre.

According to Hilbay, Aquino gave an order to a subordinate, but that subordinate failed to do what was asked of him.

“Sa aking pananaw, nagbigay siya ng isang utos sa kaniyang subordinate. Hindi nagawa ng kaniyang subordinate ang utos na ‘yun. Hindi puwedeng managot ang isang pinuno sa kamalian ng kaniyang subordinate,” he said which was an echo the former president’s statement that the botched mission was not his fault.

Aquino pinned the blame instead on former Special Action Force director Getulio Napeñas who allegedly disobeyed orders to coordinate with the Army.

The Mamasapano clash was an incident that occurred during a police operation, codenamed Oplan Exodus, which took place on Sunday, January 25, 2015, at Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao where 44 members of the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (SAF) were killed in an anti-terrorist operation.

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“Will you marry me?” Man proposes to girlfriend during “The Hows of Us” screening

“Will you marry me?” Man proposes to girlfriend during “The Hows of Us” screening

  • A couple got engaged during a screening of KathNiel film The Hows of Us.
  • Netizens share their reactions to the touching proposal.

A netizen who was inside a cinema in Maguindanao to watch Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla‘s The Hows of Us did not expect to witness a heartwarming proposal before the film started.

Facebook user Haifah ZinLorh Egal-Padilla shared the romantic proposal in the theater.

She stated that while waiting for the movie to start, photos of a woman suddenly started appearing on-screen. She first thought that those were the photos of the real George who was portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo.

But after a few moments, the words “Selah! Will you marry me?” popped up.

Yung sobrang excited ka nang manood ng The Hows Of Us at dahil first time ko to wala ako kaalam alam sa mga lalabas sa screen. Tapos bigla nalang may lumabas na mga pictures buong akala ko sya yung totoong George na ginagampanan ni Kath sa Movie. 😍 Tapos bigla nalang nagsisigawan yung mga tao sa baba tapos bigla nalang lumabas ang “Selah Will you Marry Me” MyGossssh may proposal na naganap sa loob ng sinehan😍😱😱 First time ko makawitness ng ganung eksena.😍❤️❤️ Congratulations po sainyo kuya and ate. Sana may forever din sainyo tulad nina George and Primo. Hindi pa nagsisimula ang movie naiiyak na ako. Doble doble ang kilig ang nangyari sa loob.😂😂😂 Lols. So nakakainggit! Anyway! Sobrang bitin na worth it yung THOU. Iyak, tawa at kilig ang naramdaman ko sa dalawang oras na nasa loob ako. I hope na may second chance pa para sakin.☺️☺️☺️ Congratulations Team THOU.👏👏😘😘 Kathryn Bernardo Official Daniel Ford

Netizens reacted to the viral post.

Kate Jacinto praised the guy’s efforts. We all know that cinema advertisement rates are not exactly inexpensive.

Grabe.. haba ng hair ni ate! magkano kaya binayad ni kuya sa pag flash sa screen ng ‘Selah, Will You Marry Me?’ 😍💍❤

🎶 Kung tayo ay matanda na
Sana’y di tayo magbago
Kailan man
Nasaan ma’y ito ang pangarap ko 🎶

Queen Lagarma said that she hopes that someday, someone will do the same gesture to her.

Soon, someone will do the same thing for me

Daphne Encinares Esmeria shared that a cinema proposal has been her dream proposal ever since she was a kid.

ewan ko bat dream proposal koto magmula bata ako huhuhu omgggg that was soooo cute 😍😭

Heizel S Roxas said that she thought that scenes like that can only be read on Wattpad.

Kala ko sa wattpad lang may ganto, meron din pala in real life❤

Odessa-Lee Ford Padilla expressed her amazement that it happened in a screening of The Hows of Us.

GRABE! May proposal na naganap sa sinehan. Iba din naman talaga epekto ng The Hows Of Us! 😱😍💙

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Aquino Admits Talking to SAF Chief Before Deadly Maguindanao Operation

Aquino Admits Talking to SAF Chief Before Deadly Maguindanao Operation


In his televised speech before the public to address the Maguindanao clash, President Benigno Aquino admitted to talking with the Special Action Forces (SAF) commander before the commandos launched their anti-terrorist operation, reports Rappler.

Some 392 SAF commandos entered MILF bailiwick Mamasapano in Maguindanao to retrieve alleged Malaysian bomb maker Zulkifli “Marwan” bin Hir and Abdul Basit Usman.

The operation had the go-signal of SAF director Getulio Napeñas and the president had knowledge that such would be done in Maguindanao. However, Aquino stressed how he repeatedly told the commander to coordinate with the army and alert other branches concerned [including the MILF].

In his speech, Aquino also emphasized that the operation is not a hastily conceived plan as this has been approved as far back as 2002 under his predecessor, former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The object of the operation is to arrest Marwan and Usman.

Photo credit: Ryan Lim/Malacanang Photo Bureau
Photo credit: Ryan Lim/Malacanang Photo Bureau

The president claimed that Marwan perished in the firefight between the MILF and the SAF commandos but he is still waiting for confirmation and more details of the incident from the investigating body.

Did Aquino Give the Go-Signal for the Operation?

The question that quickly played in the minds of the listeners is whether the president gave the go-signal for the SAF commandos to strike the MILF bailiwick where Marwan was believed to be currently based. If this was the case, then the president could be directly responsible for the deaths of the elite forces.

However, the president neither admitted nor denied giving the go-signal, choosing the skirt the question instead.

‘Sir, can we proceed with the mission?’ I don’t think I was ever asked that question. Isn’t that a rhetorical question?

Other Gov’t Officials Not Informed about the Maguindanao Ops

Government officials are calling the Maguindanao ops as a “misencounter” – it was certainly a costly misencounter as it led to the death of 44 elite SAF commandos.

What surprised people is the fact that though Aquino claimed to having full knowledge of the Maguindanao ops, other officials were not informed about it until news of the elite forces’ death came out.

Photo credit: Reuters
Photo credit: Reuters

For example, Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II and Philippine National Police (PNP) OIC Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina both claimed they had no knowledge about the operation. So, why was the president in the know? Perhaps because he is the commander in chief?

Now, the president also admitted to having spoken with suspended police chief Director General Alan Purisima about the matter, saying it was the disgraced police official who made him understand the situation and the operation. Did Purisima remain in the loop even while serving his suspension?

Also, despite the president supposedly in direct communication with Napeñas before the operation was launched, the SAF director was sacked immediately after the deadly operation.

Some sectors believe the president is merely trying to cover up for his officials as well as working hard to keep the peace process he has worked hard on for years. However, in light of recent events, a lot of people doubt there would ever be peace in Mindanao and that the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) might never come into fruition.

There is still going to be a long way to go before peace could ever be achieved in Mindanao.

One thing is for sure: the president’s speech may have explained part of the operation but it also raised several new questions.

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Drunk man cuts off his own genitals

Drunk man cuts off his own genitals


Using a sharp machete, a 21-year-old man from Buluan, Maguindanao severed his own penis on Sunday, November 9.

According to the family members of the unidentified man, he went home drunk on Sunday night.

Several hours later, they found him twisting in pain. He was immediately rushed to the hospital when they discovered his groin bleeding.

Currently, the man is being treated at the South Cotabato Provincial Hospital in Koronadal City.

Unfortunately, the man’s physician, Dr. Nelson Joel Decolongon said they don’t have the capability to reconnect his genitals.

The injury is within the base of the penis, and the case history will tell us that it was cut at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday but they arrived here around 3 a.m. Monday.

Decolongon also added that they don’t have equipment for microsurgery.

Buluan Municipal Police Inspector Alonto Arobinto said the family did not report the incident to the police to hide his identity.

Arobinto said the man’s family members are confused why he cut his own penis.

“We still do not know if he was under the influence of drugs when he did it,” Arobinto added.

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