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Delizioso! Tecnogas – the right kitchen equipment to make your Italian cookery legit

Delizioso! Tecnogas – the right kitchen equipment to make your Italian cookery legit

  • Cooking a perfect Italian dish requires culinary creativity and skill – and of course, the right kitchen equipment.
  • Tecnogas, the legendary Italian appliance brand, has showcased its line of remarkable cooking appliances, cementing its spot as one of the top premium cooking appliance brands in the Philippines.
  • Tecnogas has been founded more than 65 years ago.

Pasta dishes. Carne (meat dishes). Pane (fish dishes). Pizzas. No matter what dishes they are, Italian cuisine is definitely one of the most delightful cuisines in the globe, really. One can easily associate food by simply thinking about Italy itself.

Home for pastas and pizzas, we can only wish that we can always bring Italy at home – or bring ‘home’ to Italy. The movies, above all, are right: we have always dreamed about settling in a Tuscan village and soak up under the perfect yellow sun, drinking a really antique wine and eating a bowl of cheesy, meaty, Italian spaghetti.

But, while we may not be able to do much about our given lack of funds to lead Diane Lane’s fictional life, the true flavors of Italy can be brought to life whenever the mood strikes – especially with the help of a Tecnogas kitchen appliance.

Truly, it’s not only the ingredients that make Italian food delicious.  Apart from the discipline and creativity in cooking, the right kitchen equipment is important to ensure that each Italian meal is cooked with perfection – cooked the ‘legit’ Italian way.

Tecnogas, an Italian appliance brand, makes sure this can be accomplished. Whether it’s cooking basic pasta dishes or four-course meals, Tecnogas merges Italian expertise and technology with its quality cooking appliances built only with first-class materials designed to offer excellent results in one’s cookery.

Tecnogas’ widest collection of Italian cooking appliances varies from cooking ranges, built-in hobs, built-in ovens, range hoods, table top ovens, and Vortex stoves – very ideal to have in any kitchen. Available in all sizes, colors, and styles, Tecnogas offers four lines or series of cooking appliances that are made with top-of-the-line materials like Sabaf and Defendi burners:

  • The PRO Line series is usually used by chefs or professionals in the cooking industry; available in various colors, it seamlessly integrates with one’s kitchen space and style.
  • The NEXT Line series is designed with the strength of the Italian technology and modern engineering for power and efficiency, ideal for foods that take time to prepare.
  • The CUISINE Line series integrates the best technology to let you experience the art of cooking with its artisan care.
  • The TECHNIK Line series features all sizes of cooking ranges that deliver superior quality to satisfy one’s passion for cooking excellence.

With these varying kitchen equipment, one can definely achieve ‘legitimacy’ in cooking Italian food. Exemplifying the elements of durability and safety, each Tecnogas Italian cooker is engineered to give one the best cooking experience.

[Tecnogas products are exclusively distributed by Appstar Global Distributor, Inc. It is available in all leading appliance stores nationwide and supported with over 200 service centers across the country. Tecnogas also offers the longest warranty in the business with 2 years on parts and 1 year on service. To know more about Tecnogas, you may also visit their website at or visit their Facebook page at ]

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Know Better and Experience The Best Kitchen Helper Only With La Germania

Know Better and Experience The Best Kitchen Helper Only With La Germania


For some, cooking can be a bittersweet experience. It is great to cook for someone you love, but after all of it is done, and you are left with a horrifying mess, it’s nightmare.

Fret not

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
At their recent event, Suzi Abrera hosted the whole program

The kitchen can be your best friend and cooking can now be your favorite hobby without having to face with scary dishes at the end. Equipped with well-made kitchen appliances that are dependable, you are set for a life-changing dining experience.

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
Held at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s in San Juan

It has been said that the most important item the kitchen has to have is a range over or stove. After all, it is where the culinary magic really happens. Still not satisfied? Even beginners in the kitchen can tell that using a reliable stove or range is the key to scrumptious meals.

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
Chef Laudico himself showed how he prepared the 3 appetizers served to us

You can ask any chef, home cook or food specialists, one brand rises.

La Germania. The brand has an array of cookers and ovens that suit the demands of all kinds of culinary needs.   Its wide assortment of products from its five-gas burner range ovens to single burner tabletop gas and electric stoves can also fit any budding cook’s budget.

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper

Adding to its rich and reliable Italian heritage, La Germania products have been meticulously engineered to be tough enough to withstand the constant grind of the modern Filipino kitchen.

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
And yes, the event was completed by games

Manufactured locally by General Heat Corporation under the trademark La Germania, by virtue of a licensing agreement between Bertazzoni SPA of Italy, La Germania stoves, range ovens, range hoods, cookers and accessories are prized by families and professional kitchens for their longevity, mileage, superior quality and performance.  It is also distributed in the Philippines alongside its sister brands Bertazzoni La Germania and Bertazzoni.

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
Chef Laudico’s lovely wife later on joined the party, us her preparations for the dessert

Calls for a celebration

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
Of course, the menu

Celebrate the art that is cooking and have a more unforgettable moment preparing your meals for your loved ones. Only La Germania kitchen appliances can make your tasks easier. Their products are available in Kitchen Gallery showrooms and all appliance centers nationwide.

La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
Trio Appetizer
La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
The salad
La Germania Ideal Kitchen Helper
Of course, the main dish

Know better, experience the best only with La Germania

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