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Fresh grad visits grave of deceased parents, devotes her college degree to them

Fresh grad visits grave of deceased parents, devotes her college degree to them

  • A fresh grad from Cagayan de Oro dedicates her college degree to deceased parents
  • Mayer Mia Bautista visited the grave of her parents wearing her toga before her graduation day
  • The orphaned student sold snacks and pre-loved clothes while studying in order to make ends meet

A college student from Cagayan de Oro visited the grave of her parents before her graduation rites.

Mayer Mia Bautista, 21, wore her toga before her solemn investiture on Wednesday, as she presented herself to the tombstones of her mother and father.

“Treasure your parents,” she said in a report by ABS-CBN News.

Bautista wanted to dedicate her achievement of finishing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Technology and Communication Management from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) to her deceased parents—a struggle she faced alone and ended up triumphant, even when she was orphaned early on.

Her mother died of stroke while her father succumbed to pneumonia two years later. Three years ago, her sister also left her, forcing the young woman to rent a place of her own while continuing her education. Due to this, she had to sell snacks and pre-loved clothes at school to make ends meet.

“It was challenging for my part dahil ako lang. I woke up every morning na ako lang. I have so much achievements, teachers would say you are a good leader, you did it but I want that galing sana sa parents ko,” described Bautista.

Bautista used to be an academic scholar on her first year of college, but eventually lost it as she shifted to another course. Fortunately, she received another scholarship from the Commission on Higher Education and educational assistance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Recounting how she worked to balance her finances while going to school, she narrated, “Malaki yung dinadala kong bag(at) dun ko nilalagay ang food, saka damit mga ‘ukay-ukay’ kasi ibebenta ko sila, saka ko ilalagay ang mga books ko. My bag is my treasure kasi yun yung finances ko.”

The hardworking and tenacious student claimed that she would like to be an inspiration to others for them to still continue achieving their dreams, even without their parents.

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Birthday wish granted: Boy with a general average of 76 graduates from elementary school

Birthday wish granted: Boy with a general average of 76 graduates from elementary school

  • A loving and proud sister shared online the story of her adoptive brother who graduated elementary, despite having general learning disability
  • Wayne once wished on his birthday cake the chance to graduate and never become a ‘repeater’
  • PC Pau also narrated her brother’s good character even though he has low grades, which warmed netizens’ hearts

A netizen proudly shared on Facebook the achievement of her youngest, adopted brother, who is graduating from elementary school, despite having low grades and a general learning disability.

PC Pau shared Wayne’s photo in his boy scouts uniform and a picture of his report card, while disclosing online the trials and tribulations of her adopted brother, whose biological mother died of lupus; whereas his biological father left him and now has a new family of his own.

“At one point, as a family, we decided that kahit mag repeat nalang siya ng grade 6. He would also agree and accept that. He would always tell us ‘okay lang naman mag repeat ako pag di ako pumasa.’ One day, after school, he came running home, excitedly shouting ‘mama, gagraduate daw ako!’ he sat down between me and our mama and he continued with ‘ate, totoo pala ang birthday wish kasi ang wish ko sana maka graduate ako tapos nagkatotoo,’” wrote the original poster.

Said kid is 12 years old and has a hard time reading, writing, and speaking. He could not construct sentences well and only started learning how to read syllables and memorizing the alphabet while in Grade 6.  In comparison to other children of his age, he is small, likes to play games that 4 or 5 year old children enjoy, and could not keep still.

PC Pau admitted that they do not actually know what her adopted brother’s condition is.

“We tried a lot of times, especially when his mother died but every time we would try to teach him how to read or try to familiarize him with the alphabet, he would always cry in front of his notebooks or study materials. He managed to pass the 1st to the 5th grade in elementary with a general average ranging from 76 – 78. An 80 in his card would make us really proud,” added the netizen.

They also were not aware if the boy had any assignments and would only come to know of it when his classmates would pass by their house to tell their family instructions on what happened in school and what their home works were.

Presently, PC Pau’s brother still has a hard time constructing stories and relaying messages but he managed to graduate in elementary last April 1, with a general average of 76.

This boy is my youngest (adopted) brother.His mother died of lupus, his father has a new family now.At one point, as…

Posted by PC Pau on Friday, April 5, 2019

“Many people might question ‘why was he allowed to graduate with that kind of average?’ or ‘he is barely able to read and write, how did he pass?’ The thing is, he tried and kept trying. He tried to focus, but the urge to play is stronger. He tried to listen, but there are things that he is more interested in doing. He tried explaining, but he did not know how to,” related the concerned sister.

Wayne grew up with PC Pau’s family, who were really tight knit with the boy’s biological parents before. She also shared that their family never scolded the boy and never made him feel like he was inadequate.

“Behind those almost failing grades, behind those unexplained explanations, were dreams and a great character,” she said.

PC Pau also attested to the boy’s good character by using his allowance of 20 pesos to buy their mother coffee or his nephews biscuit. The meager change that would be left to him will be saved in an improvised coin bank and he would sacrifice his savings if he felt that his adoptive family would not be able to buy rice or viands.

“Grades will never define him. He may have low grades, but he has a great character, an attitude that we will never exchange for anything. He can’t explain himself clearly with words, but his actions speak for him. We love him no matter how low or high his grades will be. We love him for being him… We are proud of you, what you are now and what you will become. Continue following your dreams. Mama Alma is always watching over you. We love you so much,” affectionately expressed the netizen.

Netizens who read the story admired Wayne’s perseverance and congratulated him on his feat.

I posted this po for him to read when he grows up and starts to understand better. I did not expect this to gain…

Posted by PC Pau on Friday, April 5, 2019

Lorie Serrano Dela Torre commented on the post, saying “Congrats Wayne! Good job!!! Wala sa GWA ang kabutihang loob ng bata. Aanhin ang mataas na marka kung ang ugali ay basura.”

Maridol Dy advised, “Have you tried bringing him to a psychologist? Para malaman if he is under the autism spectrum. Once malaman kasi the reason behind his delayed learning, mas matutulungan siyang makasabay. Nevertheless, you were such a wonderful family for not giving up on Wayne and constantly being patient with him. Congratulations on graduating elementary, Wayne!”

PC Pau’s post has now gone viral receiving over 101 thousand reactions and 29 thousand shares online.

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“Ambisyosa” student proves detractors wrong by earning three degrees in 5 years

“Ambisyosa” student proves detractors wrong by earning three degrees in 5 years

  • For years, Wynona Pauline Catapang endured judgements from others who perceived her as too ambitious.
  • Through hard work and dedication, the student once labeled as “ambisyosa” earned three degress in just five years.

MANILA, Philippines-A student once labeled as “ambisyosa” has proven her detractors wrong by earning multiple degrees in just five years.

Wynona Pauline Catapang recently received her degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication minor in Development Communication, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as well as Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Counseling under the 5-year LIA program of St. Scholastica’s College.

For years, Catapang endured judgements from others who perceived her as too ambitious. Through the years, Catapang received comments like “Ay bobo 5 years na sa college”, “Wala ka pang napapatunayan” and “Masyadong ambisyosa”.

Despite years of “hardships, stress, and tears”, Catapang managed to achieve such feat at 21 years old. Normally, a single degree takes about four to five years to be earned.

“Kahit sabi ng iba wala pa kong napapatunayan sa mundo, na ambisyosa ako, I believe this would have been my greatest achievement in life as of now- to receive 3 degrees at the age of 21. And our secret? Diskarte. Haha,” Catapang wrote in her post.

Check out her inspiring post below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Wynona Pauline Catapang

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Netizen Acknowledges Her Father on Her Graduation Day for Being a Supportive Parent until His Last Breath

Netizen Acknowledges Her Father on Her Graduation Day for Being a Supportive Parent until His Last Breath

  • A female Facebook user named Lucy Pascual Paloma shared the story of her family on her personal account.
  • She shared how from being a strict father, he dad suddenly supported her in everything he wanted to do until the day of his death.
  • Unfortunately, her father died of Chronic Kidney Disease last year, few days before Christmas.

Parents are the ones who build the character of their children.

What they do or say greatly influences their kids as it is what children think is right since it came from their role models. Although not all dads are able to closely watch how their children grow due to their jobs, there are still a lot of fathers who make sure to make time to see what kind of person their kid grows into.

One of the luckiest children who were able to be supervised by their parent is Lucy Pascual Paloma.

At first, her father didn’t approve her decision whenever she tries to join some sort of a contest. In layman’s terms, she was often discouraged.

Read her full post below:

“”Sige wag ka nang pumasok, Wag ka nang mag-aral”

Elementary pa lang naririnig ko na to sa’yo Daddy sa twing tamad ako bumangon dahil ang aga aga ng pasok ko. Sasabihin mo “Sige matulog ka na lang! Wag ka nang mag aral”.

At pag naririnig ko na yan, alam kong kailangan ko nang bumangon kasi pag di pa ko kumilos aalis ka na para mamasada at di na ko bibigyan ng baon. Kaya magmamadali ako, gagayak na para makapasok.
Bago ako makapagtapos ng Elementary napakarami kong narinig na salitang kung sa iba talaga namang nakaka-discourage. “Wag ka ng sumali sa contest na yan, pang may pera lang yan”, “Wag ka na sumali sa ganyan napipili lang dyan yung mga anak na yung nanay ka-close ng teacher”, “Sali ka pa ng sali sa ganyan wala ka namang talent”, “Tigilan mo na yang ganyang tula tula, laban laban gastos lang yan”, at napakarami pang iba. “Wag ka ng sumama sa fieldtrip, delikado lang yon ang mahal pa ng babayaran”, “Wag ka ng sumama sa mga pupuntahan, palagi lang naman don”. Kaya never ko naranasan makarating sa Star City, Luneta Park (that time), Enchanted Kingdom at kung saan saan pang pasyalan pag fieldtrip. Kaya pag nagkekwentuhan na yung mga kaklase ko lagi akong ‘out of place’. Simula mag-grade 4 ako nadagdagan na yung linya mo. “Tapon mo na mga gamit nyan kung di papasok”. Lagi mo sinasabi kay nanay, kaya magmamadali akong tumayo. At araw araw kahit gustong gusto kong sumali sa mga competition alam ko di mo ko papasalihin kasi nga ‘gastos lang’. Pero makulit ako, determinado at aminado ka naman ‘matalino ko?

Photo: Lucy Pascual Paloma

Paloma shared that her father had been very strict ever since she was in elementary. He would always threaten him to quit school whenever she finds it hard to get up in the morning, and she was saddened after hearing from her own parent that she had no chance of winning.

However, it didn’t discourage her even the tiniest bit. Instead of moping in the corner, she was even more determined to join and win every contest.

And surprisingly, her father began supporting her proudly in everything she does.

Kaya sinalihan ko lahat ng gusto ko at ang epic don, sinuportahan mo ko sa lahat. Nanalo ako sa mga contest, competition, sumali ako, nakihalubilo. At nung magtapos ako ng elementary nakita ko kung gaano ka ka-proud. Na sa labing-isang award ko (Top student & competitions) sana man lang kahit isa pinaakyat mo si Nanay. At kahit di man ako naging honor ng Last year ko sa high school mas nadevelop ko ung skills and knowledge ko. Pero kahit high school na di ako sumasama sa fieldtrip kasi nga Gastos lang yon.

Nagtrabaho ako kasi wala naman tayong pera para makapag-college ako. May libre daw vocational kaya nag-go ako.”

Paloma made sure that her parents wouldn’t have a hard time with her so she decided to get a job, and took a vocational course instead.

2013, blessing talaga dumating si tito galing ibang bansa. Nakiusap ka na pag aralin nya ko kasi sayang medyo may utak naman. Kaya sa awa ng Ama, Nakapag enroll na ko kahit 2yrs late na (Sa relasyon nga age doesn’t matter, sa Edukasyon pa kaya). At imagine, sa isang kilalang university pa satin. “Bulacan State University”.

Sobrang saya ko balik kayod ka na naman sa pagta-tricycle kasi yun ang pambaon ko at kapag walang kita at mahina byahe andyan si ate para tulungan ka sa pagpapabaon sakin. Mabilis na lumipas ang taon.”

She even strived harder after seeing how his father went extra mile for her. He asked a relative to be a sponsor for her studies as it is such a shame to put her abilities to waste.

Things were going well until their family faced a life-changing setback.

3rd year college na ko.

October 2014, naadmit ka dahil sa panlalata at kulang sa dugo. Pagkalipas ng ilang araw na-diagnosed na meron kang Chronic Kidney Disease 5 at kailangan kang i-dialysis. Sabi mo mag iipon ka kasi gustong gusto mo magpa-transplant. Positive tayong lahat kasi nakikita namin na talagang lumalaban ka. Dumadalas na yung pagka beastmode mo kasi epekto ng sakit mo yon. Hanggang sa lumipas panahon na pumapayat ka na. (Nababawasan na ang kapogian at kamacho-han) Pero tuloy lang, sabi mo nga malakas ka.

October 2015, a year after mo madiagnosed masaya kasi naka one year kana. Ibig sabihin kahit pabago bago kondisyon ng katawan mo kinakaya. Kaya tuloy lang.”

Unfortunately, her father was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease – which requires an organ transplant. But since it was a hard time for their family back then, they could only afford to give him dialysis as a treatment.

On the other hand, Paloma’s dad fought as much as he can to win over his illness.

4th year na ko (2016)

Ibig sabihin konting konti na lang mahahatid mo na ulit ako sa stage o masasamahan akong maglakad sa processional, sabi mo Sana maganda kondisyon mo non para ikaw sasama sakin. At hindi mo alam na sa twing sasamba tayo pinapanalangin ko na sana umabot ka sa graduation ko kasi alam ko nanghihina at hirap na hirap ka na.

Kinailangan ng mangibang bansa ni kuya na syang full time kasama mo at umaalalay sayo katulong ni nanay. Kasabay ng pagkakaroon ng mabibigat na problema ng pamilya. Nakita ko na bawat araw na dumadaan unti unti ka nang nanghihina na halos di ka na makatayo at kumakain. Nung panahon na yon Daddy tanggap ko na anumang oras iiwan mo na kami pero sabi ko pa rin sayo “Daddy antayin mo yung graduation ko” diba sabi mo Oo.

Hanggang sa na-admit ka na dahil naghahabol ka na ng hininga. Kami lang ni nanay ang nakakapag asikaso sayo at kasabay pa ng thesis defense namin. Nagpaalam ako sayo na papasok lang ako para sa defense pagbalik ko naluha ka pa sa saya kasi sabi ko nakapasa kami. After almost 2 weeks nag-aya ka nang umuwi sabi mo okay ka na. Joke mo lang pala yon. Kasi paglipas ng isang linggo pa sa bahay iniwan mo na kami. (December 17,2016)

Walang luha na pumatak galing sa mata ko kasi tanggap na ng isip ko, pero sa huling pagyakap ko sayo pinangako ko na lahat ng pangarap mo para sakin, para samin tutuparin ko. Tanggap lang pala Daddy ng isip ko pero hindi ng puso ko. Umiiyak pa rin ako, kapag naaalala ko yung sinabi mong babalik ka at nandyan ka lang palagi sa tabi namin.

Photo: Lucy Pascual Paloma

He tried to survive because he also wanted to see his precious daughter on stage, receiving her diploma as a symbol of her success. Unfortunately, he passed away a few months before her graduation.

Kaya sana sa Tuesday (June 13,2017) samahan mo pa rin ako sa paglalakad ko. Ikaw pa rin ang pinakapoging Guardian don. Literal na Guardian Angel kita.
Daddy para sayo to, Ga-graduate na yung bunso mo. 

I love you at miss na miss na kita. I hope you’re proud of me.

Lesson Learned: Sa bawat pagsabi mo ng “Sige wag ka nang pumasok, Wag ka nang mag-aral”. Naging inspirasyon ko yon para mas mag-pursige ako at alam kong ang ibig sabihin non ay wala akong mararating kung di ako magsisikap mag-aral.

Kaya thank you daddy, salamat sa lahat ng aral at sakripisyo mo para samin. Alam ko na masaya ka para sakin at di mo ko pababayaan sa lahat ng oras. Mahal na mahal kita!
Mahal na mahal ka namin. Para sa’yo to!”

Photo: Lucy Pascual Paloma

BSBA major in Marketing Management
Bulacan State University
Batch 2017


Even though Paloma’s father had passed away, she knew that he’s still around, protecting their family at all times.

She thanked him for all the sacrifices that he had done for their family and for the life lessons he gave her that motivated her to do well in school.

Meanwhile, the netizens who had read her post were teary-eyed because of how she showed her gratitude to her ever-supportive father.

As parents would always say, education is the most precious thing that they can give to their children. Therefore, children should strive harder in everything that they do to make their parents feel that their efforts are not being put to waste.

Moreover, they should never forget to show our appreciation and gratitude for all the sacrifices they had done for them.

What are your thoughts on this matter? How do you show your appreciation to your father?

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