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23 Kapamilya Stars Who You Probably Didn’t Know Were Once a Kapuso

23 Kapamilya Stars Who You Probably Didn’t Know Were Once a Kapuso

  • Kapamilya stars who were once a Kapuso artist
  • Celebrity artists who originally came from Kapuso then made the big switch to the Kapamilya network

You may not know this but some of the brightest stars in ABS-CBN actually started as an artist in its competing network, GMA Network. Let’s have a rundown of all the Kapamilya stars who were once a Kapuso.

After all, it’s also important to look back from where you originally come from.

1. Toni Gonzaga

It is not known to many that Toni Gonzaga is originally a Kapuso. She was once a host in the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” and was a GMA Network artist for seven years until she went full-on Kapamilya in 2005.

2. Anne Curtis

“It’s Showtime” host, Anne Curtis was a Kapuso for six years until she transferred in 2003. Some of her projects in the Kapuso network include “Anna Karenina” and “TGIS.”

3. Angel Locsin

Angel became a prominent star when she starred as Alwina in the hit GMA Network teleserye, “Mulawin” and as “Darna.”

Now, she has done a lot of series and movies with ABS CBN, including being a judge in the Kapamilya talent show, “Pilipinas Got Talent”.

4. Yassi Pressman

The “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” leading lady was once a Kapuso and also a TV5 network artist. She appeared in various noontime Sunday shows in both GMA 7 and TV 5.

5. Paulo Avelino

With his new movie with Star Cinema, co-starring Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsay entitled, “Kasal,” it is not known to many that Paulo Avelino is actually an alumnus of GMA Network’s artist search, “Starstruck.”

6. Cristine Reyes

A Kapamilya artist since 2008, Christine also is a product of Kapuso talent search “StarStruck” just like Paulo Avelino.

7. Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna appeared in several GMA Network shows including “Bubble Gang” and “Captain Barbell” before she transferred to ABS CBN to be a Kapamilya in 2013.

8. Isabelle Daza

Originally an “Eat Bulaga” host like Toni Gonzaga, Isabelle signed a contract with ABS CBN in 2014 and has since starred in dramas like “Nathaniel” and movies like “It Takes a Man and a Woman.”

9. Karylle

Before she became an “It’s Showtime” host alongside Anne Curtis, Karylle was also once a Kapuso. She became famous in the GMA Network fantaserye, “Encantadia” and she transferred to become a Kapamilya in 2008.

10. Iza Calzado

Iza transferred to ABS CBN in 2012 after her 10 years of being a Kapuso network artist where she starred in several dramas like “Encantadia” and “Impostora.”

11. Jake Cuenca

Jake has been a Kapuso for three years before he went to be a Kapamilya star. Since then, he starred in a lot of teleseryes like “Tayong Dalawa,” “Maria Mercedes” and the most recent, “Ikaw lang and Iibigin.”

12. JC De Vera

Before he transferred to ABS-CBN, he was with GMA Network first for six years and then transferred to TV 5 and stayed there for three years. Now, JC stars in the new Kapamilya teleserye, “Since I Found You,” alongside Piolo Pascual and Arci Munoz.

13. Maxene Magalona

Maxene was with GMA Network for nine years until she decided to be a Kapamilya in 2013. Some of her shows as a Kapamilya were “Doble Kara,” and “Dream Dad”.

14. Elmo Magalona

Brother of Maxene Magalona, Elmo has been a Kapamilya since 2015 where he was paired up with Janella Salvador in the teleserye, “Born for You” and the movie, “Bloody Crayons”.

15. Jona

Jona rose to fame when she won the GMA Network singing contest, “Pinoy Pop Superstar.” Now, Jona is one of the most promising singers in ABS CBN.

16. Jaya

Jaya was once a mainstay singer in the then-GMA Network Sunday show, “SOP.” Now, she’s a Kapamilya artist who sometimes judges in the ABS-CBN noontime show, “It’s Showtime.”

17. Ogie Alcasid

Ogie is now a Kapamilya appearing in several shows including “Your Face Sounds Familiar” where he is a resident judge. But before the switch, he was a Kapuso artist and has been a “Bubble Gang” member way back.

18. Kyla

A Kapuso artist for at least 15 years, Kyla transferred network in 2015 where she sang the theme song of JaDine’s hit teleserye, “On the Wings of Love.”

19. Jay R

The R&B was a Kapuso singer for 10 years before he made the switch to become a Kapamilya. Currently, Jay R appears in shows like “ASAP.”

20. Aljur Abrenica

Aljur also rose to fame when he joined the GMA Network’s “StarStruck” in 2006. He just transferred network in August, 2017 after his contract as a Kapuso ended.

21. Louise de los Reyes

Louise also just recently became a Kapamilya in 2017. But before the switch, she was a TV 5 and GMA Network artist where she starred in several seryes like “Alakdana” and “My Beloved”.

22. Richard Gutierrez

Well, it already seems like everyone knows that Richard was once a Kapuso leading man but he’s included in this list because why not? So before he became Sandrino in ABS-CBN’s “La Luna Sangre,” he was first the leading man of Angel Locsin, who was also a then-Kapuso, in the GMA Network fantaserye, “Mulawin”.

23. Ryza Cenon

Just last April 2018, Ryza was welcomed by ABS CBN’s big bosses into the Kapamilya network. “Ang Probinsyano” is just one of the projects lined up for her after her switch.

All of these artists were once a Kapuso at heart and then transferred to ABS CBN to become a Kapamilya where luckily, their starts turned out to shine the brightest.

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Netizens insinuate Piolo Pascual, KC Concepcion as the showbiz couple Mark Bautista refers to in his book

Netizens insinuate Piolo Pascual, KC Concepcion as the showbiz couple Mark Bautista refers to in his book

  • Mark Bautista shared his “bromance” with a local actor on his upcoming book
  • Mark Bautista reveals being “intimate” with the actor
  • Netizens have formed speculations on who the actor is

Mark Bautista is publishing his own book and people are already forming speculations about the “shocking revelation” written in one chapter of his autobiography.

The book entitled “Beyond the Mark” is due to be released on Valentine’s day, where the singer is said to reveal an ‘all-out’ exclusive on some part of his life that has been kept secret for long from the public.

In the “Friendshift” chapter of the book, Mark tells the story of his alleged “affair” with another local actor who had a girlfriend back then. Although Mark did not drop any names, the media and netizens have been forming speculations on who the singer is referring to.

Mark admits having a “bromance” with the local actor despite avoiding the temptation of seeing each other.

Accordingly, Mark tells the story of how he got “intimate” with the said actor one drunken night after seeing each other in a bar.

According to an online article, Mark shared in his book that after the actor’s girlfriend left, they then got drunk and he ended up going home with him and spent the night in the actor’s house where they reportedly became “intimate.”

Admittedly, Mark shared that the actor’s girlfriend found out and got so angry that it had started a “huge drama between the three and it became a spectacle.”

Although again, Mark did not mention any names, in an article published by Philstar, the alleged “bromance” between Mark and the other actor is circulating in the media right now and it looks like all fingers are pointing on actor, Piolo Pascual. The speculations are revolving around the actor and his then-girlfriend, KC Concepcion.

The issue surrounding the controversial break-up of model/actress, KC Concepcion and actor, Piolo Pascual is being dragged right now in social media following the confession that Mark shared in his autobiography. A lot of people have been linking the name of the two stars in Mark’s “bromance/ intimate encounter” story.

Although there is still no statements coming from either party regarding the allegations, netizens have come abuzz with the performer’s upcoming book which contains stories of his life’s journey including his love life. The book serves as his way of being true to himself and sharing his stories to the world.

The performer’s autobiography will probably make readers fall off their chairs because of some much-awaited revelations surrounding the performer. The book is set to hit the stands on February 14, 2018.

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WATCH: Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was, Her Answer Might Confuse You

WATCH: Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was, Her Answer Might Confuse You

  • Demi Lovato’s Favorite Dish
  • Demi Lovato answers what is her favorite dish
  • Mugs are Demi Lovato’s favorite dish

Spell H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

Hey! If you’re having a bad day and you can’t think of anything that will inspire you to do better, you’ve got to watch this interview of the award-winning popstar, Demi Lovato.

In an interview dated who-knows-when, the high-note belter Lovato was asked what her favorite dish was. With all of us expecting she would answer with a meal she really likes to eat, she seemed to have other plans.

“My favorite dish? I like mugs, because they’re very comfortable in your hand and they hold hot things you don’t have to touch,” she answers.

When reposted, this clip instantly went viral, receiving comments from fans [and haters] all over the world.

Netizens react

You know it, every time something like this goes up on the internet, people will have a thing or two to say. So, we collected the equally funny ones for your entertainment (yikes!).

Just like this guy, we are all once like this, right?

Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was

And this one who kinda admitted she would be like this when she becomes a celebrity.

Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was

Well, if that’s what Demi thinks, we can’t really defy the norms. LMFAO

Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was

Oops.. Demi’s forgotten twin sister Poot was brought up to this issue. Uh-oh. (If you’re not really familiar with Poot, consider this as your reference)

Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was

Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was
Poot Lovato is #shookt
By far, this is really the funniest one. You ‘ll cry laughing by this.

Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Favorite Dish Was

What can you say about this, guys? Let us know!

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