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Traslacion volunteers clean up after the mess of devotees

Traslacion volunteers clean up after the mess of devotees

  • Volunteers speak up about the amount of garbage they have gathered from the path of the Black Nazarene’s Traslacion.
  • There was a total of 44 trucks of trash that were gathered from the Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo.

Thousands of devotees of the Black Nazarene has left a number of trash from Quirino Granstand to Quiapo in Manila. It totaled 44 trucks of garbage.

According to Daniel Alejandre of EcoWaste Coalition, their campaign for a trash-less Translation has “fallen on deaf ears”.

Posted by Pamilya Quiapo on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

“Many people unashamedly threw their garbage anywhere turning the parade ground fronting the Quirino Grandstand into a dumping ground.”

He added that it really could not be helped as it’s also the feast of Quiapo.

“Piyesta rin kasi ng Quiapo, so hindi natin maiiwasan ‘yung basura.”

Posted by Pamilya Quiapo on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Among the trash gathered at the Quirino Grandstand to the Quiapo were cardboard boxes, plastic sheets, food containers, plastic boxes, and slippers. Food leftovers, plastic bottles with urine, cup noodles, instant coffee, sachets, cigarette buts, and a lot of plastic objects were also noted.

“People seem to have no qualms about littering, a prohibited act under our local and national environmental laws that is more often disregarded than enforced. Littering, especially in godly activities, is totally unacceptable. Devotion should not lead to pollution.”

Posted by Pamilya Quiapo on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

He added that the volume of trash will been lessened in future Traslacions if there will be designated dining areas near the route, with trash bins for the devotees.

“Natatakot kami na pupwedeng gamitin itong mga basurahan na ito na lagyan ng explosive.

“We hope that our people’s devotion to the Black Nazarene will also find its expression in the way we act toward our shared environment – with care and respect.”

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WATCH: Nazareno devotees barge into a private gathering where a catering is on going

WATCH: Nazareno devotees barge into a private gathering where a catering is on going

  • Nazareno devotees gate crashed at a private event
  • Black Nazarene devotees rummaged through an enclosed private gathering trying to get food and water

Rex Remitio shared an alarming video online about a bulk of Black Nazarene devotees barging into a private property ‘where a catering event was ongoing’ in Castillejos Street, Quiapo.


The scene got out of hand when most of them tried to get food and water while some falling onto the catering tables. The owners weren’t able to do much as the devotees kept on coming.

CNN Philippines shared the said video with a caption,

“Black Nazarene devotees swell into a private property where a catering event was ongoing on Castillejos Street in Quiapo, Manila. Some tried to get food and water, while others almost fell into the catering tables during the commotion. The owners then were forced to push them out of the gate.”

The video has already more than 500,000 views, and 8,000 shares. Watch the video below.

Netizens react

Netizens were angered by this aggressive gesture of the devotees, and here are some of their reactions.

“Deboto ako pero hinde na tama to… eto ying mga skalawag ng deboto. Kung gutom at pagod na umuwe na… hinde na kailangan magpasikat na buong araw n mkiki paligsahan sa paghatak ng tali at pag akyat sa andas… eto yumg mga tao kung bakit magulo na ang prusisyon… mga banal-banalan kuno… umpisahan nyo sa sarile nyo kptid at saka kayo humingi ng tawad sa poong nazareno,” said Jayvee Urcia on Facebook.

“Makadiyos. Pero tignan ninyo ang pinaggagawa. Parang iyong kapit bahay ko na every Sunday nangunguna sa simbahan pero paguwi nangunguna sa tsismisan, awayan at murahan,” saind Romeo Zinca on Facebook.

“This clearly shows that having a religion doesn’t make you a good person.. Seems that having a better education and respect to others is a better choice,” said Andrew De Guzman on Facebook.

“Lumalabas talaga kulay banalbanalan pero mga asal demonyo mahiya kyo ginagamit nyo ang nazareno bka bumaba yan at ihambalos sa mga pagmumukha nyo ang krus! Kakahiya kyo paging mga pari tignan nyo mga kampon nyo mana mana sa inyo,” said Nilo Baes on Facebook.

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Two religious groups clash in Black Nazarene’s Feast Celebration

Two religious groups clash in Black Nazarene’s Feast Celebration


This afternoon, evangelical christian group and devotees of the Black Nazarene heated a discussion about the ridiculous claim of former that “catholics worship statues” , Manila Bulletin reported.

Equipped with megaphone and paraphernalias, the group stands in their belief that christian should communicate with God instead of worshipping statues.

Participants in the feast of the Black Nazarene drew  rage about the speaker’s offensive sentiments against their belief which led to drive them out the area.

“Unang una, ang pinapangaral niya masama raw kaming sumamba sa rebulto. Kami lehitimo, lalo ako isinilang ako katoliko. Hindi ako sumasamba pero patnubay ko ang Hesus Nazareno,” a faithul Nazarene believer belted out.

The group was dismayed by the maltreatment they got from devotees saying, “Wala kaming ginagawa. Kami ay nagsasabi ng katotohanan. Nasa bibliya, okay lang sa’min papaalisin nila kami ‘wag lang nila kaming gagamitan ng dahas.”

The incident gained different views among the netizens.



comment 2

Evangelical christian Leo Panlilio commented that what his co-brothers did was an act of rudeness and argument like this must be brought in proper venue.


According to one of the protesters, no matter how different the beliefs the different christian denominations are they are all worshiping one God.

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