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TikToker loses brand endorsement after insulting SB19’s Stell Ajero

The incident highlights the importance of maintaining respectful and positive interactions on social media, particularly for public figures and influencers who wield significant influence over their audiences.

TikTok influencer Stella Salle has lost her endorsement deal with Colourette Cosmetics after making derogatory remarks about SB19 member Stell Ajero.

The controversy began when Stella posted a photo collage of Stell on Facebook with the caption, “Panget” (ugly).

The post quickly drew backlash from netizens, particularly SB19’s dedicated fanbase, known as A’TIN.

Although Stella deleted the post, she continued to defend her remarks, stating, “Delete ko na nga, oa niyo leche, totoo naman sinasabi ko.”

She added, “Totoo naman talaga diba panget siya natatakot lang kayo magsalita!”

The incident prompted Colourette Cosmetics founder and CEO Nina Ellaine Dizon to respond. In a statement, Dizon announced the termination of Stella’s ambassadorship, emphasizing that her actions conflicted with the company’s values.

“Having faced public scrutiny for my appearance, I have always championed self-love and empowerment. These values are core to our beauty brands. Due to recent events with one of our ambassadors, Colourette takes a firm stance against bullying and shaming, and we are disengaging from Stella,” Dizon stated.

Stell Ajero, whose full name is Stellvester Quitales Ajero, is the main vocalist and lead dancer for the popular boy group SB19. Known for his impressive vocal range and energetic dance performances, Stell also serves as the group’s main choreographer.

In addition to his musical talents, Stell appeared as a coach on the reality show ‘The Voice Generations’ in 2023.

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