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Abi Marquez makes waves with Jollibee stunt in front of Benny Blanco

This widespread engagement underscores both the global appeal of Jollibee and Abi’s skill in creating engaging and relatable content.

Abi Marquez, a prominent food content creator known as the Lumpia Queen, has sparked a viral sensation with her recent encounter with American music producer Benny Blanco, highlighted by a humorous Filipino-themed gesture.

In a brief five-second video shared last Friday, Abi was captured taking a bite of Jolly Spaghetti while Benny Blanco was seated behind her.

Accompanying the video was her playful caption: “Eating Jollibee in front of @itsbennyblanco. Paid $35 to meet him and say I’m from the land of Jollibee.”

When asked about Benny’s reaction to her light-hearted stunt, Abi shared that he simply laughed it off.

The video playfully referenced Benny Blanco’s own viral critique of Jollibee’s offerings, particularly his colorful review of the Chickenjoy as “soggy as f**k.”

Abi’s video quickly gained traction online, drawing an outpouring of support and admiration from netizens who flooded her post with encouraging comments. One Instagram user wrote, “Thank you for your service ✊🏼.”

“The right thing to do,” commented voice talent Inka Magnaye on TikTok, while dance and lifestyle creator Niana Guerrero chimed in with a straightforward “YUP.”

As of the latest update, Abi’s video has garnered substantial attention, accumulating over 2.6 million views on Instagram, 3.2 million views on Facebook, 2.6 million views on TikTok, and 115,000 views on YouTube.

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