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Otlum challenges beauty brands

As Otlum’s latest challenge to beauty brands gains traction, it remains to be seen if any companies will take him up on his offer. This move could potentially transform his appearance and further capture public interest.

Internet sensation Otlum has issued a bold challenge to beauty and aesthetic brands, daring them to prove their products’ effectiveness by transforming his appearance and making him their endorser.

In a viral TikTok video, a viewer asked Otlum if he would be willing to endorse a beauty brand. Otlum’s response was candid and direct.

“’Wag kayong tanga! Eto ako! Kung talagang gumagana ang mga sabon at gamot niyo, ako ang pagandahin ninyo!” Otlum declared. “Hindi yung maganda, pinapaganda niyo pa!”

Otlum’s challenge has sparked widespread attention and discussion online, with many intrigued by the proposition.


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This isn’t the first time Otlum has made headlines. In November 2022, he was caught on CCTV at a restaurant in Ermita, seemingly taking a cellphone from a shelf. The footage showed him pocketing the phone and leaving the scene without raising suspicion.

The video quickly went viral, leading to public backlash against Otlum. During a confrontation with the cellphone’s owner, Joey Esquivel, at the barangay, Otlum claimed he “took” the phone but insisted he didn’t “steal” it.

The incident ignited a heated online debate, with many initially condemning Otlum. However, the release of his PWD (person with disability) ID, which indicated he has a “psychosocial” disability, led to a more compassionate view of his actions and circumstances.

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