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Kim Atienza defends daughter Eliana amidst controversy over Pro-Palestine protests

Kim explained that this statement was “taken out of context.”

Kim Atienza has stepped forward to defend his daughter, Eliana, amidst controversy surrounding her involvement in what has been characterized as pro-Palestine protests at the University of Pennsylvania.

Eliana faced disciplinary action following her participation in these activities.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Kim clarified that his daughter’s stance is not “pro-Hamas but more of anti-genocide.”

“Eliana has always been vocal about what she believes in. In this instance, she’s part of the organization that is anti-genocide and anti-war,” he stated.

Addressing reports that Eliana referred to herself as “homeless” after being removed from her dormitory due to the issue, Kim explained that this statement was “taken out of context.”

“She was technically homeless because she was removed from her dorm. Unfortunately, that message was taken out of context. She never said she was poor,” he clarified.

Kim also dismissed claims that Eliana was expelled from the prestigious university.

He emphasized that he and his family fully support Eliana and her advocacy efforts.

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