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Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla reacts to Robin Padilla’s tease about a “New Girlfriend”

The unexpected revelation from Mariel sparked curiosity and amusement among netizens, who eagerly awaited further developments in the playful exchange between the celebrity couple.

TV host and social media personality Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla surprised netizens with her recent revelation about her husband, Senator Robin Padilla, hinting at having a “new girlfriend.”

In a Facebook post, Mariel posed a hypothetical scenario to her followers, asking them how they would react if their spouse mentioned having a girlfriend.

She accompanied her post with screenshots of her private conversation with Robin, indicating a possible “scandal” that caught Mariel’s attention.

However, Mariel prefaced her disclosure by stating her commitment to stand by Robin’s side regardless of what he reveals.

Robin initially startled his wife by suggesting that he had a girlfriend who would provide evidence against him.

Robin then disclosed that his supposed “new girlfriend” was none other than the award-winning international singer Taylor Swift.

He cleverly linked his name to Swift’s in her latest song title.

Mariel confessed to feeling nearly “dying” from jealousy and nervousness but clarified that she never got angry with Robin, finding his actions cute and admitting to missing him.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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